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Tescrash 07-22-2006 08:21 AM

Cheap BBT Tribal...
Hi all, didn't know where to post this...

Zerochance 07-22-2006 08:30 AM

Thanks for the heads up Tescrash. Been looking for a Tribal. Sent the guy an email.

Tescrash 07-22-2006 08:34 AM

Yup. It's the only reason I wade through that hive of scum & villainy.

Zerochance 07-22-2006 10:16 AM


Originally Posted by Tescrash
Yup. It's the only reason I wade through that hive of scum & villainy.

You are a braver man than I, I don't tread there because I'm afraid I might get some stupid on me. Heck the reason I didn't use my regular nick on Paintball City is because I was afraid it might be another PBN

DarkStar 07-22-2006 10:30 AM

Good Luck, That's a nice price if it really works fine as is claimed.

-MR *Closet Tribal Whore*

Shmavistime 07-22-2006 10:34 AM

Thats a good price, my friends got a tribal, pretty nice gun.

Zerochance 07-22-2006 06:44 PM

Seller is dorking around. I offered to buy at his stated $50 price. He comes back and says he has offer, wants to know if I'll up it. I agreed to pay shipping. He comes back says other guy Upgraded his offer. I told him to stuff it. Once again I am reminded why I don't go to PBN.

His email is If he REALLY is a business, he won't be getting any of mine.

afultz075 07-22-2006 07:15 PM

:angry: ....That's why I refuse to do business anymore on PBN. Dealing there is so much more frustrating because a simple "I'll take it" is never enough. The people there always seem to fish for higher prices up until you've said you'll take it and are about to hit the paypal Send Payment button. A lot of the kids have no honor when it comes to selling.

Tescrash 07-22-2006 08:33 PM

Well, you get good ones & bad most notible one being a bone stock Sniper 2 for a E-Bolted Tippmann with a bunch of stuff on depends on whether the seller is a jackass or not.

PJ 07-22-2006 10:30 PM

Yep, I agree on the no honor on selling items with many over at PBN, from what I've seen. I've been in the exact situation described above, although I had already sent the money as agreed upon, but the kid sold the item out from under me to a person with a higher offer. Thankfully he refunded the money I PayPaled.

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