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I bring them all and then depending on the game choose one to best fit. Otherwise its the one that is nearest ready to go (the one on top the pile of gear).
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Yes, that is a joke ---->
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Depends on the game.

-Regular walk on(serious play), scenario or big game.
04 sniper, s6 as backup, duckslide or dsg as backup backup, and 04 viking in case I need more firepower. For scenarios or big games the s6 becomes main because my arms get less tired with a lighter gun.

-Regular walk on(goofy play) or MCB gathering.
I will pick a theme like pistols, or rifles, or old stuff, or green guns, and bring whatever I have in that category. Plus a couple pumps in case I need to play serious.

-Private field.
Will usually bring out 3 or 4 guns I haven't used before or played with in a while, at least 1 gun thats full auto and fast, a couple back ups so I don't have to tech guns if they go wonky, and loaner guns. I think the most I took for a day of play was 18 guns. All got used.
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^18 guns... my god. I actually forgot to even list my loaner gun (team only) as one of mine I'd use, because it's been lent out for so long... but Erin takes good care of it (my custom Illusion) so it's okay. need to get her a Falcon asap and get my Illy back, I miss playing with that gun (its got some magical powers inside it).
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Depends on mood for me that day, for me, usually between 2 - 4 guns, BL Vice always goes along with my MQ cocker, sometimes I add in my orry pump and my NYX Matrix also just to switch things up...for the wife always take her ebladed mini orry and a back up trilogy...that she has only used once, it usually ends up being a loaner.
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I ALWAYS bring my PPS Stroker, my go-to security-blanket gun. Most used for speedball is my 32Deg Sniper. Hordes of renters and n00bs? One of my Nasty Typhoons will bring plenty of wide-eyed surrenders. BE Golden Eagle is great for wide open urban fields with its slow but very consistant and accurate ROF.
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I'm not so well planned and thought out as some of you. I just bring newly completed projects, and whatever "should" be up and running. No real concern for what class they are(even though most are stock class and pistols)

Last time.... 7 guns for me, and the mini for the girlfriend. Every game I swapped and I got all of them some field time.
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last time i brought my cyborg, spyder, 2 delta 68s and my semi auto nelspot. by the end of the day the nelspot was the only one that fired fine.
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Usually take one to the field every weekend and hope I get around to play. End up just looking at it, lmao. Just randomly pick a vike or excal.
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Yes definitely, any gun recently worked on sees the field ASAP.
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Out of the eight guns I have, the only one I use is the phantom. I usually only bring two with me to the field while the rest look pretty pegged on the board.
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