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How many guns do you bring to play with, and how do you decide?

Well I know I'm not the only guy on here that plays regularly with a higher than average collection of regular markers for play, how do you guys pick which guns you bring to play with and why? I've got a system which works really great for me and allows me to play and practice with different markers throughout the month, while still focusing on my primary for competitive events. Post up your favorite combos, here's mine (pump only of course):

-Primary Open Class (highest ROF): Falcon #022
-Secondary Open Class: Pump Zep Custom OC Phantom
-Limited Paint/Stock Class: PGP, KL, SC Phantom, 007, Scopey Sniper (stickfeed, CA)

this way I've always got 3 markers at the field to choose from, in case anything goes wrong or I want to switch up my style for various games. I like to use different markers for drills and practice as well to keep my skills sharp without getting stuck on one marker setup (which seems to really help overall proficiency).

what works for you guys? anyone like to play both pump and semi in the same day?
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As of late its been three for rec play.

A pump, a cocker, and a default back up pump.

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I bring every marker I own. All three of them. Only 1 of which is currently working

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I play pump mainly, so I bring both S6.5 and modified stock phantom, depending on who I'm playing against. Then I also have my Emag that I bring along incase firepower is needed or I need to waste paint
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I just take what takes my fancy that morning, the time I played I took,
2 cockers, KP2 df, Sheridan piranha, Tippy SLII with a 6pack, an AFT and my mini.
For the most part I used my cockers, until they both decided to leak.
If I don't get to use them all on the day no big deal, there is always next time.
Plus it's fun running into another MCBer and giving them a silly grin when the look at the toys in the back of the car.
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I usually bring three, sometimes four:
setup one -
A) Redux
B) Squall
C) Mini-comp

setup two -
A) redux
B) squall
C) superstocker

That is about it for me, if it doesn't use 12ies I'm not there
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Used to carry all but as of late I have been trying to limit myself to three...

I usually play pump, that being said I like to bring my mech works cocker just in-case,but most of the time it only makes it out of the bag to show off.

otherwise I always have my SS-25, and alternate between my springfed superbolt and my my new pump mag, though since I just got the pump mag and am realizing how much I like it I may drop the works altogether.

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If I didn't play pump I wouldn't play, simple as that.
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Hmmm. If and when I go out to play, I usually bring these markers:
Palmer Pyre - I really like shooting this one
03 Featherlight Vike - My warhorse, it never fails me.
CCM T2 - another smooth pump as back-up
Then it's a toss up between the rest of my markers.
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I usually take 2 guns, my main mQ pump (halfblock) and either a backup mQ pump (Jackal body), a backup mechanical pump (STO 02), a pistol (Tiberius or formerly Sidekick) or my Cocker (Turtle mQ Yakuza). These days it's just my main pump and my backup pump, and I rarely break out the backup.
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well, it depends what field I go to.

If its NS, I'll bring my two phantoms.

Panther, t2 and evo and maybe pack the Cyborg RX for "just in case"

for Tsawwasen it will be the evo and t2.
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thats what happens when i leave mcb up at work.....
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