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Brass and Wood Fan
Hi MCB, my name is Chubs and I'm addicted to Brass.
I have lost count of all the PGPs, P68s, LBs, and SBs I have whored out since joining this terrible forum. I buy buy buy, then sell sell sell. Most of them never see the field in my hands. It's terrible. I need help.

Metadyne: Replacing broken parts, with NEW broken parts so you still can't use your new gun.
Originally Posted by PistolRogue View Post
Redheads, brass, and wood; it's an MCB thing....
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today im going to relapse, theres a translucent mustard yellow jt frame on ebay.. bidding ends in a couble hours, maybe i wont bid past $15 maybe i'll take it to the end, but with all honesty these are calling to me "buy me, buy me, BUY ME"
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Hello, My name is Chopper Duke, or CD if you prefer.

I'm a major gun whore. I don't whore for the purpose of making money, but because each gun was something I wanted or was curious about. Something to say, "oh, I've have one of those". I've played sine '95 and between then and when I joined this site I had been through MAYBE 10 guns. Usually something to replace what I had had before. Since I've joined here, well over 300.

I don't believe in hoarding because I think guns should be used and don't think it's fair for me to keep a gun sitting on a wall or in a bag that someone else may love and use. Because of this I tend to whore guns around until I find exactly what I want. But this doesn't keep me from picking up something new.

I keep telling myself I'm going to get back to basics. One of each I say. One Stock Class, one Open Class, One Mech Semi and One Electric Semi. Maybe a Pistol. Maybe. But I can't seem to do it. A month ago I didn't have any AKA guns and decided an AKA gun would make a nice Mech marker. A VLM or so. Now I have 4. Two VLMs, a Pump Merlin and a Viking.

So yeah, I have a problem.
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more gooder
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Fan of EMR
CCI Phantom Fan
I don't have a problem.

I just feed your habbits
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Hi. I'm TPX and I am an accessories whore. What can I say, I like to have my markers pimped out with the newest bling or the most hard to find. I like buying markers that have lots of aftermarket accessories, like the a5, the ion, the phantom so that I can make them my own, at the detriment to my wallet, and my bank account, both of which are either empty or soon to be....

So yeah, I have a problem and I need help
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Brass and Wood Fan
HI i'm konner, and and I always visit the BST and hardly ever buy stuff, i look but can never afford I also have a problem when it comes to free stuff i like free stuff
edit: fuuu i caught the brass bug
Feed Back Thread

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Stock Class Playa
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Location: In my space station.

The names Mirad. I'm a Autococker and a Phantom hoarder. Every time I sell a marker of mine in an attempt to thin the herd, I end up buying another one to replace it. I had 12 Autocockers, Open and stock class snipers, and a Eblade at one point. Now, I'm down to 7. I hate BST b/c I buy stuff that aren't on my priorities list. I hope that one day soon I'll have 1 Mechanical Autococker, 1 open class Sniper, and 1 stock class Phantom.
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I'm Bryan, and I have two problems.

First, I'm a soft goods hoarder, with enough jerseys, pads, masks and the like to field a full x ball team.

Secondly, I'm a misc. parts junkie. Anything I think I can flip for any sort of profit. Unfortunately I buy faster than I sell, leaving me with bins upon bins of random parts and half completed guns.
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Originally Posted by Amsterdam View Post
hey, Im Amsterdam and I'am a mask whore, its a compulsion and a problem.
I have enough flex parts to make a combined 5 1/2 masks, with 3 on the way.
the last time i bought something was tonight, a pair of mecca i3 soft ears off ebay.

your turn.
Originally Posted by Fatalis View Post
Hi, my name is Fatalis........ and I have a Mag problem!
You guys think you have a problem? LOL

And not everything is pictured...
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Location: Macomb Michigan

hey, dont make this a pissing contest. lol, this is a support group. its not about the size of the herd, but rather its growth rate.
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