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LOL, I just messed with them. Trust me, this has been growing at a pretty decent rate for the past three years. A couple of years ago I bough roughly 30 markers. This year, it was 7, plus a Shoebox compressor. And I was unemployed the first 4 months of this year. I know what it means to be addicted, trust me.
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Even though I have the best gear possible for when I'm playing tournaments and such I can't stop the want for "fun" gear. It's a problem...

Example: I've have about 8 pump markers and have never played a game of pump in my life. (really want to change that...)
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OMG! @ mpsd....Double Grey Ghosts!
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Double Ghosts and a Spirit! LOL
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I bought a woosh tip a couple years ago and never used it... Still have it somewhere back home :\

I buy stuff and have it shipped home knowing I won't be able to use it forever :[

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Hello my name is Austin
Im a whore.

or pretty much everything.

I made an MCB account and within 5 days had purchased 3 markers.
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I love this
My name is hatemonger... I am addicted to to many things. Money takes priority. Guns, flexs and any rare paintball items. I collect and hoard til I have a moment of clarity. And dump my collection. Thank god for this otherwise I'd be divorced.
At one time I had 20 full flex masks from a 250$ to 25$ mask. I'm down to 4
I'm glad there is a place we can come fourth with our problems.
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i love it when i've got 200 dollars worth of mask on for some reason. i own cheap pumps, common autocockers,and 04 electros, but my flexes..thats where the moneys at.
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Hello MCB, my name is James & Im recovering from my addiction.

I used to be an Intimidator whore & honestly wanted one of every body. Quite possibly the biggest shot to my pocket book was my Classic build. I had over $700 in it & still wasnt done getting parts & didnt even start making the one off stuff by hand yet. Decided to part it out & scale back on everything & finally found a Ripper 1. Cussed & complained for 1/2 an hour then I was better.

I relapsed several times in the past couple years. Build up a nice stock of projects & sell them off when I get to thinking clearly. There was a time I was dead set on "one for every style of play" & it went away. Now its coming back with the urge to build a pneumatic assist Sterling for speedball. Speaking of speedball, I dont even remember what it feels like to be near an airball field anymore.

I do have an ongoing issue with Mags. Picked up one a few years ago in Memphis while on vacation. Feel in love with the little ****. Money got tight & had to sell it. Bought a Micromag last year & flipped it for something. Wanting to build a pistol Mag now but dont really need it. Im happy with my Sterling & will be tickled pink when I finish my Rage timmy.

I guess the only reason I havent built of my stock again is the fact that my other passion has hit me & hit hard, my trucks. If you think paintball is high dollar, start looking into some parts for 1 ton & bigger trucks. Im looking at ~$2500 to change the gear ratio in 2 axles plus around another $2000 for lockers for those axles. The custom wheels to run the 11R22.5 semi truck tires, somewhere between $2000 & $5000 (tires & wheels). Might as well say an easy $10,000 in axles, wheels & tires. Probably have that much if not more in the motor, transmission & front transfer case. Then the body & interior. But when its all said & done I will have a SuperCab longbed 4x4 thats rated for an easy 1.5ton or better that will do pretty much everything I need beside get decent fuel mileage & go fast. Which I have a truck for each of those needs. 3 trucks is all I really need.
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hello, my name is Ben and im a Mag Addict!
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