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I agree that paintball on a FIRST date isn't the best choice. I don't think anything adrenaline-related is good on a first date. First dates are for learning/observing - after that, then possibly act on what you've learned (i.e., learn that one of you plays paintball, then later you both play paintball).
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I agree with nerdcore, if the girl is into mountain climbing or hunting, then paintball is a definite third date or so
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As my lil bro said to a waitress once that was giving us crap service and whining about her life: Listen if I wanted to hear bitching about bringing me a drink and have a woman with a bad attitude in front of me I would go home and drink
I would rather go home cheated than go home as the cheater!
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Very old picture of me and my friends. Note the two wimminz.

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I seem to be able to muster up a female or two every time I get a group together to go play.
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For a first date, yeah I can understand that. But the girl I am seeing now is practically begging me to take her paintballing... sooo
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Originally Posted by Delta 047 View Post
the link at the bottom to "5 dates guys dont want to go on" made me curious. the first one they listed, hiking. ???????? i love hiking! and so does pretty much every guy around where i live. must be a mountain thing.
That has to have been written by a girl. The things that were listed that are supposed reasons guys don't like hiking are things that I've only heard women complain about.

It says at the top it was in fact written by a man. I'll bet he lives in some really big city, has gone hiking one time, and hated it because he didn't have cell service.

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Originally Posted by HurtCow View Post
Obviously written by a chick that's too prissy to play. I know lots of girls that play. Plenty of hot ones, too.

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...the chick is wearing a button sweater to play paintball...I guess they are so good that they never get hit or dirty?
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I want to say i agree with the idea. I think it is a bad idea as well. I was just passing along information. And girls up here are crazy about hockey. It is awesome. And today I had a girl ask me to bring her paint balling sometime. I was really surprised because she is a girly girl.


Originally Posted by Mayvik View Post
I don't want to live on this planet anymore.
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Originally Posted by jincay View Post
There are worse places than paintball to take a girl on a first date, not many but I know a mate that took a girl to a BDSM club on their first date (also their last date)
Nothing like putting all your expectations up front?

I took my wife shooting (firearms) on our first date.
If meat is murder, I'll have a beer with the murder please.

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