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if its opened and in the caddy, it stayin in the caddy until i get to the field or need to chrono a project gun

if its gonna be awhile... box o chrono paint
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Originally Posted by The Inflicted View Post
I've got a bunch of late-90s K-Mart Brass Eagle 200 round jars that I store paint in.....
I freaking love those things. I was out in my dad's shop a few weeks ago, and I noticed he had 2 or 3 of them filled up with nuts/bolts/etc and it threw me for some hardcore nostalgia.

I started playing in the late 90's... So heaven to me was going to wal mart, buying 2 of those jars and maybe a pack of 12 grams for my BE Tigershark
I think it was a Tabby.

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Peanut butter jars work too. About the same size for 200 rounds.
Pain in the butt to clean though, but at least you can't break them.
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Mine stays in the caddy, I will 'rotate' the caddy as needed and use this paint to chrono and or dispense of in the first couple of games.
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Yeah, that was me.
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I have about 1k extra right now and I have them in 2 paint caddys (half full to reduce ball on ball crime) on their sides so I can roll them with my foot, only need to be stored for 2 weeks max since thats how often I can play.
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I always rebag any unused paint them place them back in their box.
I wouldn't recommend a caddy for long term storing.
My caddy only gets pulled out if I'm planning to hose a day and its for quick reloading.

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I have a tide canister I use for paint storage. Holds a little over 500 balls and I routinely shake it around so they don't settle. Plus, I use them to test guns (when I have air).
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I keep our team paint, which can be 15+ cases at a time.

I use some of my closet space and then rotate the boxes every week or two. they are in the bags

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You guys should ask Gilly to see some pictures of his stockpiled paint. He buys that stuff by the truckload.
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Good success with my paint storage technique but I don't have the capacity to store much more than half a, most would find it impractical and perhaps downright weird.

I put nine paintballs in ten round tubes (to avoid compression), then put about 15 or 16 tubes into plastic food containers that I found that were the perfect length. These containers are then put inside a larger plastic, airtight dog food container so that the tubes inside are stored horizontally, thereby avoiding all weight and compression. Inside the larger container, I have reusable and rechargeable dessicant canisters.

I am looking forward to dropping all these swelling/aging/dimpling worries when HydroTec paint is released!
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