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Party like its 2005!
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Location: Greater Orlando Area

having had to sell a bunch to pay rent a while back and being poor ever since, i have these remaining:

Ripper 2
Classic Spyder
FASOR project spyder
kingman chaser (.43 cal/11mm)
vibe rifle project
'95 bob long cocker

i THINK thats all of them...
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Originally Posted by heinous View Post
you win at everything forever.
(11:26:32 PM) Mayvik: PS where the **** have you been?
Originally Posted by GunRaptor View Post
I love how we are more concerned with the fate of this paintball gun than we are about AIDS kids in Africa.............
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Stock Class Aficionado
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Join Date: Mar 2007
Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada

2 x Phantoms
Grey Ghost
Trilogy Comp Mech (almost complete)
Nelspot (nostalgia piece, doesn't hit the field much)
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Location: Sunny Cali

Lets see..

s5 (mech)
BBT cocker
98 RF (girlfriends)
97ish RF (sniper)
PTP sleeper
Dye Ultralite (sniper)
Gen-x sniper
bob long dragon
bob long A-bomb
bob long ripper 2

Custom sniper

But I am trying to dwindle it down to a couple
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Lost the Daylight
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Location: Fairbanks, AK
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Originally Posted by MaD View Post
Is it bad that I don't even know?
I'm with MaD here. 17 and one in pieces in my living room, kitchen, and bathroom.

Ah, a bunch more in the fun room.
Crowdbuster, Viper, Grey Ghost, Kapp flame, Kapp water, Kapp confetti, and Carter Buzzard.

The more I think about it, the more come to mind! Gah... I'll be up all night.
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33 rounds per minute
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Join Date: Sep 2010
Location: Warwick Rhode Island

(2) Empire Axe's
(2) Cocker Pumps
(1) phantom
(1) Aci maverick
(1) Thumper
(1) Shoebox Shocker
(2) Icd Freestyles
(2) Icd BKO's
(2) Icd bushmasters
(2) Icd Puma's
(2) Icd Bobcats
(1) Icd Fox
(1) Eclipse Etek/Ego
(1) Shocktech Ion
(1) JT Er2

**22 working markers**

Mini Mag
Half block cocker
Joe D.

I Have FeedBack:
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Post Whore
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Brass and Wood Fan
I have somewhere in the range of 30ish. I wont try to name them, cause I dont even know whats around for sure. gonna fix that today i hope.
Originally Posted by ~AXEL
What's that shadowy place over there?

That is Canada, Simba. You must never go there
Originally Posted by ~FinSec
Always remember, If it has tits or tires, its going to give you trouble.

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AKA: Wraith
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Location: WV

Five in total. Four working markers with one that was supposed to be a project that I never got around to...

Sniper II
SL-68 II-original (project 'gun that never got started)

One project 'gun that I am accumulating pieces for now - a second Automag.
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-- Dwight D. Eisenhower

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Bolt Action/Pistol Player
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Location: Pascoag, Rhode Island

Fan of EMR
Brass and Wood Fan
17 here.

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Originally Posted by dgorman47 View Post
The devil's brass uses an evil sighting system powered by juju obtained from the deep and ominous laughter from the gun's owner himself.......seriously playing in a game against Born4Evil , and you see him sneaking your way, then BAM and all you hear is something to the effect of "Haha can't get away from the Devil's Brass!" Born4Evil seriously sounds like the devil himself, and its awesome. That gun is hands down the most badass gun in my mind.
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Buzz Killington
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Location: Fort Sill, OK

CCM'ed nightkast
United States Army Officer
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Owner of Crazy Cats
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Location: Thunder bay, Ontario, Canada

2 - Planet Eclipse Electros
1 - Pre-2k Cocker
2 - 2k Cockers
1 - CCM pump
3 - CCM'd Snipers
3 - Trracers
1 - Phenom
2 - Project Snipers (in pieces)
1 - Thumper (on the way)
1 - Havoc launcher (hey I use it in paintball games :P)

ok, i admit it i am a little bit of a gun whore
"I shoot pump because it hurts more feelings." -- ryantuomi (heard at Living Legends 2)
"Not everybody understands English... but everyone understands stick" - Big Sexy Medic
"Pumping is about as much a disadvantage for me as shifting is for a Nascar driver" - Ralanti (in an email between ryantuomi, ralanti and I about playing pump)
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