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Originally Posted by Jebs04 View Post
It must mean i have a problem, I am unsure currently on how many I currently own.. I do know it is over 115 and probably under Off the top of my head here are some that i own:

2 -Tippmann SMG 60
1 -Tippmann SMG 68
3 -Tippmann 68 Specials
1 -Tippmann SL-68
3?-Tippmann SL 68 II (First Gen)
1 -Tippmann Pro - AM Mint With Case
1 -Tippmann F/A - SN in 800's
5+?-Tippmann Pro Lite
1- Tippmann Mini Lite
4+?-Tippmann 68 Carbine
3+?-Tippmann Model 98
2 -Tippmann Pro Carbine
20+?-Tippmann 98 Customs
4 -Tippmann 98 E-Bolts
1 -Tippmann TPX with Remote
1 -Tippmann Phenom SN-481
1 -Tippmann C3 SN-958
1 - 20th Anniversary Tippmann
1 -Tippmann Crossover Sn-601
2 -Tippmann SL-68 II (2 Gen) SN-394 and SN - VOC007
6+?-Tippmann Triumph
1 -Splatmaster
2-PMI 68 Magnum
1-PMI P Series Brass
1 -PGP
2 - F2 Illustrator
1- F1 Illustrator
1 -WWP Razorback II
1-Dragun TES Blue with one Kit
1-Dragun TES Green
1-Black Dragon Silver to Blue
1-Black Dragon Black
3+?-Spyder Elite
4+?-Spyder Compact
4+?-Spyder Compact 2000 JAVA
1-Tiberius Arms 8
2-Pirana USP
1-ACI Hornet
1-ACI Maverick
1-ACI Griffin
3-Dimond GT (only one working currently)
20+?-AM Sentinel
1- Phycobalistics Lightning AutoCocker Unused
1- AGD Automag Mostly stock
1-JCS Launcher
3-Diablo Sabotage
1 -Brass Eagle Blade (First Marker I ever used)
1- Brass Eagle Talon (Second Marker I ever Used)
2 -Brass Eagle Samuri
3- VM-68
2 -Stingray II
2- Pro Team Products VMX
1-Smart Parts Impulse
2-Smart Parts Vibes
1-Smart Parts ION
3+?-Piranha Rentals
1-Black Max
1-Morkal Mirage
1-PT Extreme
1-Wenchester Marker
1-Tippmann Griffon

I know there are more but just cant seem to place them right
do you just have bins and boxes of guns?! damn. im impressed.
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do you just have bins and boxes of guns?! damn. im impressed.
Again this goes back to me thinking I may have a "Problem" I rented a retail space to store/display my gear up until earlier this year. I had about 60 or so in lighted display cases most of the rest hanging on grid wall. Then the land lord sold the building off and asked me to move packed it all into bins and in a large storage locker So i was buying a new building to put my gear in and then i broke my knee cap... So now i am waiting on my Her is a picture of the Rented space were it was all displayed:
Markers Owned Currently: 200ish
Facebook Page For General Paintball Museum

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I've been floating in the 6-8 range for a while, but now I'm down to 6 that I REALLY like, and don't plan on adding or subtracting. Ever? For now, yes, ever. But we'll see how long that lasts.

Arrow Precision Sterling
CCI Phantom
WGP Sniper
PPS Blazer
AGD Automag
Tippmann 98 Custom

Zombie Defense Force, Local 42 #61 "Darwin"
DarwinZDF42<--YouTube channel. Subscribe! "Integrity is doing what's right, even if nobody is looking." My MCB feedback

Selling a PPS Pug? I might be buying. PM me.
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I have 15

1) Shocker Sport SF
2) 2k2 Black Magic Mech
3) 2k5 Black Magic Electro
4) Orracle Electro
5) Another Orracle Electro
6) Nexus Signature Series
7) DC2
8) Karnivor
9) ST SFT Shego
10) NXT Shocker
11) Urban Ego8
12) Jungle Ego8
13) Desert Ego8
14) Axe
15) A1 Fly

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Sitting at 3 far. Most i've ever had was 7.

1) Planet Eclipse Etek 3 AM
2) WGP 01 RF Autococker
3) BNIB WGP 01 RF Flatline Autococker

Formula, can I have one of your 08 Ego's? lol
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I have 5, these 4 pictured and a phantom in terrible shape that the previous owner sanded to get the anno off.

Titanium Karnivor Pump: CCM LWAL Pump Kit w/ AT, CCM 86* frame with reverse drop and on/off, CCM Internals, CCM Fittings, CP shorty Reg, CP detent

paintball is more than just a game...its a hobby MCB Feedback
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Sitting at 4 right now, just sold one not that long ago & looking to sell two more here shortly.

Geo, T9 & 2ish Automags (mag guys know how it is, you're only ever a part or two away from another 1 or two complete mags).
Some people like me
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Brass and Wood Fan
Brass Eagle Talon
Spyder MR1
Azodin KP+
RTR Gargoyle
WGP Sniper 2 (being rebuilt)
BT-4 Combat

and thanks to work I have access to many others any time I want them.

Rejexx Paintball Team Founding Member
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Gear Bag: RTR Gargoyle, Spyder MR1, Azodin KP+, Sheridan PGP, MKP-II Prototype,
Spyder SPump, BT-Combat, Splatmaster, Dangerous Power G4
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lets see...
~Shocker Sport (one of the last made, had every option available, vert feed, delrin bolt and turbo board)
~DM3 w/silver evolve bolt and SCM
~2k4 Frankencocker (tons of aftermarket bits.. but its a 'cocker, so that shouldn't be surprising)
~PneuVentures Shocker (operational, but the noids leak)
~Icarus V1 (prototype marker not built by me)
~AT-85 (Chain-fed Magazine, options for a hopper mag or a sim-mag where paint is loaded into the foregrip, and semi-auto or full auto firing modes, no batteries)
~'05 Alien Remains (re-build in progress, i bought it in as many parts it had, and then some)
~'03 SFT shocker, project "Gemeni" (once i get access to a lathe i'm building my own set of internals. TL;DR version: closed-bolt SFT shocker, without being a Legion Shocker copycat)
~Spyder Shutter (or, whats left of it. lets just say a dremel met the body, and it lost some weight... and a feedneck)
~Closed-Bolt ION (thanks to yoda900's kit)
~Old Impulse, Dye UL frame, Evil Punch. soon to have a re-designed lower-tube (again, access to a lathe)
~PMI Trracer (old Skirmish stock, bought at '12 ION)

making a grand total of 13.... and this post makes me want to sell some....
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I never did post in this thread I guess...

Here's the photos of everything I currently have...except 2 markers I don't have photos of, a Renegade ZR1 and a Gen-E Matrix

I think my count is somewhere around 120 or so? that includes all my non-complete builds (i think there are 4 or 5 of those...?)

- Tim Firpo - Airsmith
- w w w . P a i n t b a l l T e k . c o m

- West Coast warranty center for Boston Paintball 'Twister' markers
- Certified Planet Eclipse Service Center and Traveling Tech
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