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I'm working on my whoring and am only up to 4 and they all work.

an old Black Widow pump (essentially an antique now)
a Phantom pump
a Tippman 98 Custom (with a few mods but essentially a backup)
an Etek 3 (my primary)
Check out
The season is open - Go check them out!

The ideal Connecticut woodsball field!

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I had about a hundred-something guns over the years but right now I'm down to 11.

Main gun:
Dye Reflex Pump Cocker, never getting rid of that one.

2005 pump cocker
HalfBlocked 2003 pump cocker, 1 of 1 - done by me
2002 pump cocker
PGP, how the hell do you prevent rollouts with this gun?!
Empire Traccer
VM68, vertical asa welded to it to take vertical air and almost enough parts to make a 2nd working one
SplatMaster, shoots so low chrony wont even pick it up... I guess 40 fps, any tips?
Tippmann Pro-Lite, bursts fire, think its the hammer oring or something...
Tippmann A5 slighlty modified, nothing major
Automag classic68 turned into a 10 round spring fed pistol, ugly but all good fun

Gotta fix those before buying any new ones.
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Post Whore
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Five? Five, huh.
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24? I think?

Dye Iroman LCD Angel
Ripper Angel LCD
Impact Angel LCD
Adrenalin Angel LCD
Stock Black Single Trigger LED
Tiger Stripe Angel LED
3 eclipse Angel LED's
2 Cobra Mamba Angel IR3's
Impact Angel IR3
2 2001 CC Butterknife Angel LCDs
2000 Master Tech EYE'd Angel LCD
2 Cobra Mamba Angel A4 Flys
Jungle Sunset LVL 10 Micromag RT
2 Tribal BBT's one single Trigger one double
Freeflow Millenium Cocker Team Lockout Edition
08 Urban Splash Ego 1/25
Evil M In the mail!!!!




Element Angel LCD, Rocky LCD, Rocky Ir3', Eclipse LED, Angel V8, Adrenalin Feather LCD,

Entity, Kapp Flame, Tequila, Tequila Sunrise, Freeflow Lockout, Image Matrix, Freeflow Matrix

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The Man With No Plan
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Location: Oregon City, OR

Doin the count...

Silver T2
Silver/Green T2
PA Phantom
GTG Phantom
XSV 06 Ego
XSV SL66 (in mail)
Aurora PE Mag
SP Pump Mag
SSC Splatmaster
Warpaint International Warloard
CCI Revolution
Freaked T8
Rifle Stocked A5
Pump 98
Spump Victor2
Sr4 Double Barrel VM68 thing
SSC PA Cocker
2k2 Classic Timmy
2k2 Storm Timmy

For sale....
Dynasty Ion
SSC Promaster
SSC Superbolt
SSC Window Cocker
Trilly Sport (pending for sale)
Classic Mag (pending, waiting for shocker to be fixed, shocker is sold to my little bro)

So thats 26, with 2 pending and 1 in the mail

oh and i have a box full of cocker bodies and torn apart cockers at the shop....

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Location: Vancouver, BC

Zero...empire sniper is still waiting on parts I'm thinking of picking up an eNMey.
AG1ngerwithagun on Xbox live, add me as a friend if you want to play together!
Originally Posted by Axel View Post
I see an agglet and I want to paint it black...
...or yellow, orange, green; whatever the field paint is that day.
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Has too much crap
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Location: Canuckistan

2x TiPX

Sierra One 3x
Bravo one 4?x
07 Pilot
07 Fenix
At 85
Ram X50 2x
Ram Combat 2x
Ram P99
Rap4 METS (Do not buy, even if it works, Xpower is fine though)
Kingman Chaser 3x
M80 TR 4x (if those count)
Piranha GTI

I didn't have them all at once though.
One of the TiPX's is vouched for locally, the other one with 9 mags is for me.

I ran my own thing of buying, fixing, and selling markers. I am trying to get out of it, and on my second last deal a guy from Brazil almost scammed me out of 500$
But Ebay sided with me!
He used 3 different names, 2 different emails, and 1 ebay account. If you think you might be dealing with him, PM me and I'll tell you what I know.
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Join Date: Feb 2013
Location: chicago, il

2k rf cocker, shoebox shocker, ion, Xmagterror bodied automag classic, jcurt halfblocked ccm internalled cocker pump, halfblocked mq pump. All in various states of project completion.

6 since getting back into paintball and joining mcb. Trying to build a collection around significant platforms.

I've got a stingray and a spyder clone in some box somewhere from back in the day.
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Join Date: Feb 2011

Brass and Wood Fan
What I currently own:
Empire Sniper
Spyder RS
Axe Pro

Also have but don't count:
Model 98
Pump Ion

I'm working on getting:

A Project Trracer
A Hammer 7

I try to make each gun the best it can be in my opinion. For example if something comes with an on/off that doesn't sit inline, I'm changing it to something that is.
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Crosman 3357 Specialist
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Location: Hagerstown, MD

Fan of EMR

4 - Crosman 3357 Spotmarkers
2 - Air Guns of America AGA62s
2 - Mark V50 Repeating Pistols
Tiberius T8
Empire Axe
Invert Mini
Empire BT-TM15
Empire AXE / Invert Mini / Empire BT TM15 / Tiberius T8 / Eagle 68 Pistol
Crosman 3357 Revolver / Mark V50 Revolver / AGA62 Pistol / Nelspot 007

eBay 1325+/0- Feedback
PBNation 171+/0- Feedback
M. Carter Brown 125+/0- Feedback
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