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I surrender the crap outta people all the time, usually they are less experienced than me and definitely not as intimidating (occasionally I surrender experienced players, usually with the element of surprise). the best is when you get to surrender multiple players with only a pump gun... you gotta do it fast so they don't realize you can't possibly shoot them all before they get you

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At my field the rule is if you're within 15 feet YOU MUST offer surrender (unless agreed upon beforehand no surrender with experienced players)...trouble is they ARE NOT allowed to turn and shoot you...they can only surrender, or try to run for cover THEN return fire.

People take the rule the wrong way and try to surrender you from the front while you are pointing your marker at them, or you turn a corner and they are facing you already...makes it tricky.
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Originally Posted by NSGSplatmaster View Post
Interesting discussion, seems most are in agreement that there is nothing wrong with surrender rules.
No. I don't see that agreement here.

People seem to be in agreement that your implementation (and possibly understanding) of the surrender rule in this video was not exactly correct.

And you are clearly in the minority when it comes to believing you can stand in a window in view of 5 players in 5 different directions (looked like you would have had to sweep, what, 130 degrees) and take them all out, without overshooting, before any one can turn on you, especially without prior location acquisition.
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IMO, IF you're surrendering a group of ppl in a building, you have to make sure that you have a clear shot on EVERYONE and they do not have one you. Otherwise, it just causes confusion.
For example, when you initially tried to surrender that group of ppl, at first, you didnt have line of sight to any of the guys to the right and they didnt have one on you. Who is to say that you had the jump on them. One of them could have been watching the window and the moment you would've started shooting through it, they would know you were there and would have a decent chance at taking you out or staying safe. It seems at least one of the guys in the vid thought so.
Why surrender to someone who has equal ground as you?

Personally, i dont surrender unless i know for sure im in the safe and no one will take a shot at me. Its just not worth the possible confusion and the possible resulting anger afterwards.
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Originally Posted by Leafy View Post
I've given up on surrender. Been burned too many times. Just blast em, try not to hit em more than 4 times, or twice if you're pumpin.
ditto. (for veterans). one shot usually does the trick. twice if they turn to return fire. If behind them I usually go for the hopper, pod pack or shoe to be nice, butt cheek if not. If in front, right between the eyes always seems to scare the bejesus out of them and eliminates the likelyhood of return fire. If attacking from the side the gun or hopper is a fun challenging target.

I'll ask a kid or novice to surrender but ready to shoot from behind cover just in case.

IMO 10' / surrender rules = good thing as a suggestion, but should not be a requirement (unless the refs stink)
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I had some vets get mad at me once for not doing it, but it was 4 of them all clustered up. There was no way they would have surrendered. I try to not shoot people in the goggles, sure its effective but if you get shot in the lens from less than 10 feet away you have to replace the lens, and its just a pain to clean.
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Originally Posted by killedcookie View Post
I propose we make a brass guillotine.
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The only time I've made a surrender work was when I barrel tagged a vet in the back, it's never worked any other time so I don't bother with it. I just aim for the pod pack if I have a backshot.

I also don't think you can really surrender a room full of people either. If you have the skills to go all Delta Force on them as you claim then just do it, have fun servin your pie, and sort out the 'should of, could of's' later.

The end result wouldn't be your fault. People who camp in buildings need to accept the fact that they have chosen to be in a place were their elimination will probably take place at very close range, and probably with some amount of pain.
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Should have thrown a grenade in man!

Some people turn and shoot when you offer surrender, but everyone complains if you don't. I always offer surrender and if I get out from someone turning on me, it sucks but its no big deal. We've been on the receiving end of much worse in xball and 7-man matches.

On a side note:
Wish we could have hooked up for BOLP, it was fun but would have been great to have you there.


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Pr3mium - Glad someone noticed it. Yeah, this dude just kind of craned the whole gun at a weird angle and started blasting.

Eddie - Sorry I couldn't be there, I never heard back from you. PM me on how you did.

Thanks again for the input, seems like this thread can rest now, and thanks again to Airsports for putting on a top notch game!
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IMO refs allow a single guy to walltap surrender an entire building is crap and unrealistic but its the rule at my favorite field. They also enforce a 10ft rule as well.

This is why I'll move into a position that gives me an angle to start dropping balls through a window or doorway. They'll usually either get hit or call themselves out when they realize they have nowhere to go.

Surrenders are only offered to the young or feminine variety. Everytime I've offered one to someone of teen age or older they have tried to spin then got butthurt when I shot them from close range.
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