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Sorry. 2006 lotus elise. Its kinda am awesome mix of looking insane, preforming even better, and being pretty easy to maintain (relatively speaking). Its got a 1.8L Toyota engine, ~190hp but its TINY. I have this and a 1989 Honda CRX. The CRX weighs more...basically its a go kart. Known for handling well. Its super bare bones, and anyone over 5 foot 8 in will be hard pressed to get in it easily.

TLDR version 2006 Lotus Elise 1.8L 190hp road go kart.




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Yeah I've seen one Elise where they put a RSX Type S engine in and it made the car much faster than it already was. It was a rather interesting build. Very nice car though, me being so tall I would be hard pressed to fit in that at all.
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Originally Posted by freebird View Post
lube the shaft and warm the o-ring up in your hand by rubbing it back and forth between hands. then it should go on easier.
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Found this boxed up in my room. Forgot I even bought this... That's a first

To be fair it was in a priority mailing box
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Got my Raza Shellshocked jersey in. But it's just a little too small

My fault for thinking i was a medium, based on the sizing guide (trying to get it my size spot on, since i don't like oversized jerseys). Not tight but not loose, probably won't feel comfortable playing in it. So ordered a large, and added my nickname this time. Looks like my cousin is getting a super early bday gift... or late xmas gift.
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One of these arrived in our mailbox the other day... (just the steady rest)


(not my picture - borrowed from Tools4cheap LLC Online Machine Shop Tooling Store)
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Autocker valve tool. Can't wait to play with my AC based pump I've been building.
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Now I have ONE of the tools I need to sweet spot my springs in my Sterling. Reballs are on their way.

Started with a Splatmaster, moved onto a Nelspot 007, then came the Autocockers, then a STERLING Pump, next was a Bob Long defiant then a PM7. As of now I have 10 Sterling Pumps, 2 Phantoms for SC, a CCM SS-25, a PGP and a Sovereign 3.

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Set of Maddman autococker springs to rebuild the single slide frame I want on my pump.
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Got my gorgeous autoresponse splash mag in today.


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Bnib 195$ Valken Proton from ebay.
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