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I got a WGP Pump changer and a nice red anodized barrel plug for my KP3. I just need to get one of those "Remove before flight" tags for it.
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Got me a Belsales Predator, P&P Super Cocker LE, and S5 Prototype locally a bit ago!
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Palmerized brass

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Today I got a Ronin SC harness from Falconpunch01.

And since I had to drive to UPS to get it, I guess it was'nt really in the mail but.....



Got my Mini14 back from ruger with a new firing pin and gas block. All for free. Say what you want about the Mini14, I know it has it's weak points. But Ruger customer service is absolutley rock solid.

Especially for a gun built in 86' and used heavily by the North Dakota State Police for a number of years.
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old traccer pump handle, barrel and a grip frame from Bacci
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Replacement solenoid for my Mini from Kee.
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I must have missed that memo

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Package from Rockstartactical.
New Poppet faces and springs for my Axe.
Several Guage covers and fill nipple covers
Oh yea and my GOG Enmey that ive been running around the house shooting for the last hour or so :-p


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$745 in CCI Goodies (dealer cost.... haha)

a few customer barrels

but no stock for the double barrel ion!

gonna be a long week.....
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FLASC barrel kit!
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