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This came in a few days ago. Pretty pumped about it
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Green 32* dropforward for my cocker pump build, Knock Out barrel kit that will go on the same cocker, and bills.

More in bills than I spent on the entire cocker.

Never, ever, trust a fart...

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mag shooter
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I buy Automags and Parts: if you need cash shoot me a pm

My shop page: Bearded Works

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Love the mag superman. Here is what I got the other day.

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Good day! Got my new spire III and the custom cleats I'd been waiting on!!

My feedback:

Need a Centerflag Uprising manual? PM me.

My Shooters
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Looking at all of these awesome items and I am just here talking about a busted Empire Sniper I got in the mail. Soon hopefully I will get the parts in the mail to fix it.
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Hey man blame the military shipping company for that sniper casualty. Rather then package my markers they stacked about 20 in each cardboard box. I raised some major hell over that.

Would the rod not bend back?

To the topic at hand: got an a5 with lots of bits. Ratchet is not turning but I have the parts for that

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received a Phantom Dual pheed and a prototype Automag Warp Pheed.
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Got kit carson back yesterday. Bigtuana got it shooting again. Woohoo
Now just need to redo the stock.


.....................WTB your pball MANUALS......................

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This beauty showed up at my house today, already aired her up and finger blasted that trigger, no paint yet... cant wait to put some paint through her.

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