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I can't answer whether or not the video went to YouTube as 1080 or not... (I am video impaired )

The low light performance is pretty good, in my opinion. I will get Redstar some more footage to cut up for me after this weekend... I have some family business I must attend to.


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Originally Posted by russc View Post
That's kind of silly that it kills the sound.

As for 1080p...your video did come out at 1080p on YouTube?

In any case, I'm curious to see the low-light performance. I can't see 60 or 120 being useful for paintball without a sound recorder.
I mean maybe as a secondary on gun camera recording in 120 or whatever you can slow it down and use the audio from the primary cam. I don't think I would ever shy away from my contour. I would though love to pick up a 1080HD contour because right now im only rocking the 720. And I got 2 spare batteries (something that the contour roam cant do) and spare cards. And I wouldn't be too bent out of shape at having my 720 get destroyed at the price it was at.
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I snagged the Contour 1080, right when the Roam came out and everyone thought it was going to be better. Brand new from Amazon I paid $119. One of the best "bought it new" deals I've gotten I think.

And yeah, having extra batteries to switch out is very nice. I have a 16Gb card in it (and a spare) but I've found that the limiting factor is strictly the battery. I get about 4Gb of video at 720/60 (about 4 hours worth of game time, stopping the recording in dead situations) when the battery runs out.
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Just because I'm in this vid @ 2:20
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Watch in 480 or HD, since my Contour looks like doodoo in standard definition. And this game was the last game my contour got to film because the game after this one the video went all out of whack, so the contour is out of service

speedball at vintage - YouTube

Still don't know how to embed on here.

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First time on the field with my F/A and my GoPro. I oops'ed on the GoPro setup, so you get to watch the F/A load and occasionally not load paint.
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So I went out with a group of players, and pushed HARD up the middle of the field... I took the edge and kept pushing until I was right next to the other teams flag.

I saw movement, saw a gun aimed at me, and took both "attackers" out.

Turns out...

Well, watch the video.

link for mobile viewers

9/29/12 Game 5, My team attacks the middle, HARD. Woodsball Paintball at Trails of Doom - YouTube
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Went to TWC in Michigan again this year. One of our squad brought a GoPro with him, had it on his mask all day saturday, then impulsively said all the footage was "crap" and straight deleted it. *facepalm*

So, sunday me and my bro took turns with it on our guns. Downside was, we always seemed to have the camera on the wrong gun for each engagement, and the person without the camera would have some epic streaks. Here is my 3 hours of camera time condensed to 9 mins. (currently uploading bro's)

Also, a couple times there is a mention of a "Tom"...he's the guy wearing a Yellow 2004(?) World Jersey. We're the squad that took the World MVP this year.


Another reason for lack of footage was there really were only a handful of good engagements, as most of the weekend was spent as a turkey shoot around Tippmann's spawn. (which really equals no fun for either team) We were trying to get Yellow players to back off and let them out so it could be fun again.

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Originally Posted by agentSmith View Post
oldschool play is about sportsmanship and respect, oldschool gear is available on Ebay.
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Here is the latest video that my brother Nino put together of our team's first hosted scenario event. Comment, rate, and subscribe!

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