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Shooting more people than shoot me.
My Feedback Thread

Go ye therefore to all the nations, baptizing them in copious amounts of paint.

Proud member of Team On Target.
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Those times when all the sprinting, and shooting the flank guy(s) before (t)he(y) shoot(s) me, and the Vector-lugging results in that perfect flanking/back of the head shot on a core group of guys holed up and keeping your side from moving up the field . . .

and then blasting them all to Hell without any mercy, any concern for overshooting, or any worries about how a loudened Vector will affect people's hearing, leaving them wondering where the HELL did that COME FROM?? and what the could be making that noise!?!

Unfortunately, the next experience is usually getting lit up by one's own advancing team.
Originally Posted by Railgun View Post
Air Power Vector... a MAN's gun....... A gun with a report loud enough that lesser players will pee themselves in fright at the massive concussion wave emmited by the stout thick walled barrel of DOOM. A paintball gun fit for Arnold in the original Terminator movie. A gun that'll pump up those pect's of yours to where women will swoon at the raw muscles you'll soon have.

Air Power Vector, for the man that has climbed to the peak and wants to look down on the beaten and defeated opponents left in his wake.
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Brass and Wood Fan
Anything with a pump...or multi-coloured...preferably both.
If it runs on 12 grams and a limited feed too, I'm pretty much in a constant state of orgasim.

...makes it a very messy day for me

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Good attitudes, great paint , solid weather...
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