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It is a long and sordid tale. The TLDR version is Shadawg. So you can blame him.
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Bought a used PMI-1 in '99 on ebay. I already owned a PGP. I was searching the internet for parts and sites about the guns. I stumbled across PGPOG first and then shortly after found MCB. Been around here ever since.
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Yes, that is a joke ---->
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The ebay section.

Though my first game of paintball was back in 1991. I really got into paintball around 2004. Soon as I got into it, I was fascinated with the tech of the guns and wanted to buy old stuff. Found vintagerex which steered me to what guns I wanted, then found the ebay section on an ugly, salmon colored forum. Once I scored a KP from it, I donated to VR, registered, and became a member. Then kicked myself in the pants when I saw the members ebay section.

What happened to Walker? He help me score a ton of ebay stuff.
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Specifically, that crazy dude Splattttttt who is on here all the time. A few years back I was at a local field playing walk on with a Timmy. All of a sudden like 20 people show up all shooting pumps. I had just bought a Phantom and had it in my trunk and asked to join their group towards the end of the day. I had so much fun in those few games..

Well Splattttttt told me about MCB and told me to hit up the boards and look for other local pump games. I've been here ever since and sold almost every semi I owned except for a couple with sentimental attachments. Now all my paintball friends are MCB'ers and I got my cousins to trade their semis for pumps after playing a few games with them.

I love the comraderie here and the vast amount of knowlege contained on these pages. Probably the most helpful, friendly group online.

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Ebay Feedback
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Back to paintball.
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Wanted a different gun, found the phantom with that weird tube on that top for paintballs extremely intriguing. Found more info on here and this site was much more active in answering questions where all the other pump paintball sites wouldn't have anyone around for hours or even days sometimes.

And the glorious salmon colors indicated an old school feel
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Originally Posted by breg View Post
Given that someone posted an "I Love MCB" thread I was wondering what it was that brought you here or drove you from the other sites.
For me, I was a pretty regular poster on AO and TechPB. AO, in the last ten years... the tone has grown bitter in my opinion, and TechPB I got pretty sick of that majority of posters being unable to articulate themselves with out using f-bombs and the closed mindedness - you cannot really disagree with the hype. Go over there once and tell someone that the Axe is nothing special and doesn't shoot smoother than a Luxe.
I'm also an avid poster on tech pb, and I heard of this "magical fairy tale land" called Mcarterbrown, so I thought I'd check it out

The hype can be a bit much, I agree.
I'm new here
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I was on another forum at the time, and I kept hearing little side comments about how stuck-up, close-minded, self-centered those guys over at MCB were (turns out none of those things were correct). So, of course, I had to come over here myself to find out. Lurked for a while, then made an account and I've been making the place a little lower-rent ever since.
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Originally Posted by jincay View Post
"WHY is that guy licking Criticals pants?"
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I was trying to sell stuff and I listed it all on Techpb, pbn and mcb. But I never really used mcb to chat with people. It wasn't until I decided to get into pump when I started asking questions and then I was banned on techpb and I just started chatting on mcb and after a while my friend Josh (bigballa) donated me a membership and I started using it more.
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Agglets drove me to MCB
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I came here because it was more my style of forum......
less hate when you ask silly questions
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