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Something I have discovered about "Classic" markers...

The thing I am finding out about the more "Classic" markers is that they are more satisfying to own. I recently picked up a Bob Long Species Intimidator. When I bought it it had a Sp Ion reg, a mismatched CP trigger and on/off ASA, the stock LPR, and a mish-mash Tadao board.
It now has an SCM 3, CP HPR, POPS ASA, and the Yakuza USB Board should be in this week.

It is like I am remembering the fun of putting the parts n a gun htat I really want; making it shoot just like I want it to shoot. To make it feel just like I want it to feel.

That is something I have noted about modern gun: the list of after market parts is slim to what it was when I got into paintball in the early 2000's. These days, it MIGHT be a board, or a trigger, a reg, or a new ASA.

I remember looking at new frames (Powerlite, DYE, Benchmark, etc.), triggers, valves, regulators, lpr's, bodies, etc. The list goes on and on and on.

I remember having a conversation with the owner of the local shop talking about how you could, at times, build a gun totally out of after market parts. I really miss that. He still claims that that gun was the best shooting Timmie he ever had.

It seems like that a lot of the new high end guns start and end too quickly. Where are my options? Where are my choices? When do I get to make this gun truly mine? An after market barrel, trigger, anodizing job just do not cut it in my world.

That is kind of why I really dig companies like TechT, Lurker, and Critical. Especially Luker. Those guys are a blast to deal with... and their Eigen Ram makes my Species shoot so smooth...

I miss the challenge of building out a gun to specs. I mean, you have a bench mark, and you tweak and twist your gun to get to that point. A friend of mine picked up an A Bomb Timmie, slapped an SCM 3, and an Eigen Ram and is getting +/- 1.6 FPS over a Virtue Clock. I miss people teching their guns to that point. I miss that challenge and dedication.

Imagine what a lot of you did to your first gun... You picked it up and thrust that cold hard cash down and before you even left line of sight of the cat that sold it to you, you already had [I]ideas, plans[I] for that gun. You knew just what mods you were going to drop into it to make it bad ***. You knew just waht you were going to do to makes this paint-slinger yours.

I miss that with all my heart.

And, that sad thing is, that most of the big companies make things to the point where they think that they are producing the "perfect" gun. No one is going to argue that CCM produces a hell of a pump. Or that Bob Long can make a Poppet Valve Paintball Gun that is good enough for PE to rip off. (insert middle finger here.) And, as big a fan boy that I am for Bob Long, I miss all those options they used to have that did not involve color.

Imagine, if you will, the future. Where with few exceptions, when you buy a gun... that is it. No barrels... because everyone has their own threading. No regs, because every manufacturer has proprietary threads, no boards because again no one can set a standard, etc. That is what it is coming to. Pick your flavor and hope that the color is unique.
Bless, the shops and companies that continue to make after market up grades for guns. Praise the psychotic home brewer that has no fear of a mill. These are the cats that will keep us interested and provide us with the ability to make our guns truly ours.
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I guess "classic" is a relative term. For me, it is the solid heft of a brass marker matched with the decisive cocking sound unique to the P-series. Feels good just holding them. Feels even better to play with them.
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So true. I play maybe 3-5times a year, but much of the rest of it is buying a new marker, messing with it, and then selling. It's half the fun.
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Yeah I think classic is kind of a misnomer in this case, but I know what you mean. Current high-ends just don't DO anything for me... And it's not that they're not pretty, or don't shoot well, it's just that, well, where's the pride in just plunking down money? It's about researching, and experimenting, and tuning until you have that thing exactly how you want it. Tinkering is half the fun of paintball as far as I'm concerned, and it's what keeps it interesting (not to mention drives the industry end of things).
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I miss private label guns too.
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Dont care. I remember upgrading my 2k2 timmy because I had to. Adjustable ram cap was a necessity, hard detents to hold back the force feed loader, which then required a slotted bolt to keep from chewing up your detents. WAS 1.6 logic was trash, had to buy an equilink cable to update or a whole new board outright. Reg pistons tore themselves apart after 50-100 cases, so you had to get delrin pistons.

Im not going to cry because a G6R solves all of those problems right out of the box all while being cheaper.

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Modern high ends are great for competition. If winning was my priority I would certainly use one. However, they aren't necessarily the most entertaining to shoot or toy with. I like my guns to have a little flavor. Right now I'm dumping silly amounts of money into my old 98 custom to make it more interesting. I'm not even bothering with improving kick, efficiency, or consistency. I just want it to be fairly tight, look ugly and spit a small amount of paintballs very quickly. Why? Because that sounds like fun!
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Classic all the way, Trying to build 4 markers with either older parts or harder to find. TO MAKE IT MINE, and no one ELSE can have it. :]
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that's why i love automags and phantoms
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