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Can you not just tell them to go **** themselves, and go play on the course you want to, or do you need a ref present?

Either that or give them a taste of their own medicine, then tell them to go **** themselves.
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Next time it happens, let them go play the airball fields by them selves...

They all seem experienced enough to self ref (or not)

Either that or Step UP as a leader (sorry, not trying to be condecending so please don't take it that way...) and tell this group. "Nope, IF you want to play with us you split up and and we play the fields the Rentals want to play. If not feel free to play another field alone."

Just don't let them take control. Who cares if they bitch and moan.
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Had a slightly similar experience. Except I was the one that joined them without knowing. I play with either by raced EVO or my Karni. They are both set relatively low and on classic. The people I played with were full auto or were ramping the hell out of their markers. When I got out every game it wasn't 1-4 shots that hit me but 7-10. The best part is they were wipers. Shot some in the back as they ran away...I get shot, it breaks, and I call myself out. Once the game is over I look at whoever I hit and nothing there.

Then others come out, that are new players (some were girls), and they just shoot the crap out of them. They even made one of the girls cry since they were a-holes and kept shooting her after she called herself out multiple times. The people doing this were adults in their mid 30s-40s, so they know the difference. Since I know no one would care enough at the field I just decided I wouldn't play with those people anymore at anytime...even if that meant I don't play at all.
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I'm sure someone will let you borrow a havoc launcher.
Bunker them with that....

In all seriousness, a firm talk with the owner needs to take place. Renters are what keeps a field upfloat. Future business is generated from the renters telling friends and what not. If word of mouth is passed that people hated their day of play at field x... I'm sure people will talk with their wallets like usual.

Good luck.
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Stilgar- Looking back on it, thats probably what I should have done.. hindsight is perfect I presume.

Unfortunately It has been brought up to both owners, on multiple occasions, by multiple people other then myself. Field practice is that a ref must be present for any game to occur. With only a single walk-on ref, the only way to garuntee a good day of play is with a party of 15 or so.
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Yeah Ive seen this a lot. Thats why I dont like it when Im labelled as a Speedballer, because of my primary setup.

I strive to make it fair for both sides as it makes better games, even if that ends up with me and 3 new players, against 6 or 7 new players. When playing against other Semis, I shoot exactly that. Semi capped to 12.5 for the main reason that uncapped semi, and its still not fair. Sometimes, Ill take out my A5 or grab a rental and lay low for the day.

And I do put wannabe professionals in their place when the problem arises. Its just disrespectful to the sport and it goes against everything that the sport is meant to be.

If I were you guys, I would kindly ask the field owner at the beginning of the day, to NOT play with any speedball teams. If its a slow day, and you walk away from that without giving him a penny, Hell change his mind pretty quick.

Thats about all you can do Is ask. Dont expect him to punish somebody else, because them shooting that fast is just spooning him money.

Thats just how I see it. Theres probably a couple links missing in there somewhere.
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Yeah man, I have two local fields, one is awesome and one is just like the one you describe, and to make matters worse, it's the home team. Thankfully my other field is great, so the one with the super agglet attitude doesn't get my money anymore.

I made the mistake of going back about a year after I refused to go again the first time cause some friends of my son's were playing there. Only reinforced my decision to stop playing there in the first place.

I'm at least lucky enough to have an alternative. Like some one else mentioned, you could step up. You can also try to bring more business to the field with you. Sucks that the field owner is that stubborn, but maybe if you and your group of friends are the predominant business at the field the owner might start listening.
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Since when do late comer walk-on's get to dictate what games the entire field plays?

When you say they didn't balance the sides, the 5 team players grouped up on team A, but did team B get any other players from team A? Seems kinda silly that the field throws 5 people on one and lopsiding the teams. If so that's the fault of the refs.

It's a shame the owner doesn't see that this kind of poor customer service will KILL his business in no time. It's the walk-ons, the birthday parties, the bachelor parties, the groups of school friends that play a few times a season that are his bread and butter. They're the ones that tell their friends and nag their parents to play and buy them stuff.

At my home field, normally walk-on's play almost strictly woodsball and do play on the speedball course a few times but also only against each other.

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Jam- thats a great attitude, and I wish there was more of that around here.

Dysturbed- I havent seen it to that extent yet, but if I did, heads would roll. Id climb as high up the management chain as I had to to get something done about it.

Im going to send the field an email today, as im sure they would simply ignore my phone call..
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Yeah same thing for me. I started my outlaw team thanks to that. I'd say ask if you can walk on ref for them. Kick them off when they are doing things cause then you have the authority. Or like most people said, don't play when they do.
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