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Originally Posted by henchman View Post
When's the last time you've played a field where a "sniper rifle" was useful?
Last time I was out at a field (before winter set in)...

'Coarse my "sniper weapon" is a pistol, only thing it's got in common with traditional sniper rifles is the mock suppressor and a sight... oh yeah and the ammo, First Strikes.

Is this monster sniper rifle technically any more accurate then my 9.1 pistol with first strikes? Probably not. But I have certainly seen the benefit of playing prone in the tall grass with a bi-pod for the extra long first strike shots. The shocked body language of someone you've tagged well outside their own effective range is quite satisfying.
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Originally Posted by alpha434 View Post
Spools them up faster. They lose a bit of accuracy while they spin up outside the barrel.
That I disagree with. First strike rounds are akin in some ways to rifled shotgun slugs designed for use with smooth bore shot guns. The projectiles themselves are rifled as opposed to the barrel. If what you said was truly the case, then you'd see far more rifled bullets used in rifled barrels for, say, distance/competition shooters or hunters. However, most rifle bullets are boat-tailed, with a soft jacket or bullet medium (lead) that "scores" slightly on the way out, and spin is imparted.

Most shotgun manufacturers do not suggest using rifled slugs in rifled shotgun barrels. The reason is, the twist rates are often different, causing significant drag, shedding of material and potential damage to the bore, and instability during flight. If we put this into paintball terms, we're probably looking at a lot of bore breaks or wild flyers.

Even if we managed to get the exact twist rate match of bore rifling and projectile...(which is highly unlikely, as first strikes are stamped out by the thousands, made of a relatively weak porous substance, and would have to be quality controlled so much as to make the production cost prohibitive)...I suspect you'd dramatically increase the drag on the projectile as the fins travelled within narrow channels. Even the slightest bit of debris or residue lodged in a groove would trip up an exiting projectile. You're exposing the projectile to more contact with surface area, not less, by mating up lands to grooves...more friction.

As for "losing accuracy", ALL projectiles technically lose, then regain some while in horizontal trajectory. There's the climb, the apex of the arc, then the fall. However, the difference is minimal.
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The niche markets in paintball have kept some of our favorite businesses alive in this always-changing industry for decades. But is scenario paintball even a "niche market" in paintball anymore? I have noticed that a lot more speedball-based fields failing when compared to woodsball/scenario fields. Locally, I have noticed way more people at local scenarios than speedball events. Not only that, but I see a lot more families involved in woods ball. I remember going to the field when I was still pretty fresh (like 17) and watching a kid who was 6/7 years younger than me get dropped off with a gun worth more than the car a drove to the field in, only to be picked up 9 hours later.

With all the fuss about the FS rounds but the obviosus lack of a marker that truly take advantage of them, I'd say it was worth a shot on their part. I'm sure there are some scenario players that have been waiting for this EXACT marker. Something that was designed for FS rounds in mind, modeled after a firearm for that authentic, and is made FOR the scenario player. I'm sure the same scenario player would wonder why AGGlets want new Ego or even why we would want the newest CCM S6.T2JL.... It's because these markers/products were made with the appropriate consumers in mind.

And one thing that is important for all of us to remember is how fast the scenario portion of paintball is growing (or should I say regenerating?). I have seen a few woodsball-specific products that I never thought would last, but they sure seem to be doing better than I ever expected. And I guess that makes sense, as it's an entire portion portion of our sport now. It's def not 2k5 anymore...semis and pumps have found their way back and people are starting to want cooler/unique gear and not just the newest 2014, fastest 49bps, and most shiny chrome space dildo available

I'll stop rambling now... 5:30 in the
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I actually really like it it looks almost exactly like my savage m10 with an xlr chassis system I've gotten pretty good with it being able to change mags quickly and I just love the overall feel if I could move this over to a Paintball platform I can foresee a lot of local players being unhappy with me and the cool thing is my savage has a 20" barrel so with a barrel of similar length the marker and my rifle would be virtually identical and I'm not just talking about static shooting either I can shoot pretty good on the move with it too

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#1 reason this is great.....NOT RAP4!!!!! Winning!!!!!
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I like this gun. However I would never sport one unless I could get a greater distance. Actually a grand isn't really that much. You have to look at the R&D put into this thing. I'm sure several versions were made before this final product came out.

This gun has alot of options. I personally like the bottle in the stock. Hopefully it is very air efficient.

Woods is here to stay guys lets embrace what should have been done yrs ago for this sport Companies have finally realized the Woodsballer/rec player is were the money really is

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Sounds to me like they haven't yet finished the mag? Till then...

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Honestly, comparing this to the practicality of playing with my lever'ed KP, I'd say that this is probably more practical because 1. I wouldn't have to change 12g's, 2. reloading would be faster 3. its probably more consistent. Drawbacks: 1. it's not brass 2. it doesn't have a lever 3. it's not brass 4. it's not brass
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I'm still saving my money for an air strike...

and I hear the predator missile will be out next year!
Originally Posted by Slappadapink View Post
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Originally Posted by PitBull View Post
i think the phantom needle is in my arm for good now..
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Originally Posted by henchman View Post
When's the last time you've played a field where a "sniper rifle" was useful?
About once a month.

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