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These people are what I call "idiots" and they vastly outnumber us. Life is going to be a long arduous journey if you can't develop a strategy to successfully cope with them, and the stupid sh1t they frequently do.
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They will ignore hits because "in a real battle, they could have easily ignored a gut shot because of adrenaline and stayed combat effective" but God help you if you try to do the same or get a bounce... I mean "in real life, bullets don't bounce, and a shot like that would have torn your arm clean off"... he knows because he's seen it happen. Have you ever seen it happen? HAVE YOU EVER BEEN IN COMBAT WITH UNFRIENDLIES ON ALL SIDES AND YOUR BROTHERS-IN-ARMS DROPPING LIKE FLIES? HAVE YOU?

And don't you dare call them on any of their **** because they will get right in your face and tell you what an ungrateful little prick you are and how you hate America and how lucky you are, to not only have guys like him to protect your sorry *** so you can do **** like play paintball (like he's not), but also because he can't just kick your *** like he wants to because his hands are registered deadly weapons and he'd go to jail.

This drives me nuts. I have been to fields out of town that people play like this. Sometimes it is even body shoots only because people that have never been to war, or particpated in any sort of gunfight are proclaiming that "a shot to the leg or arm won't kill you". In conjuction with that if you where a helment headshots don't count. One time I got so fed up with it I broke out the flak vest and steel pot, know where on my body could they shot me that was a elmination. Thankfully guy that try to act like this at local outlaw field get encouraged to stop coming rather quickly

But the youths at the local field is great. Overshooting or whipping are actions that they don't even consider.
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