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Negativity in paintball.. inevitable, why?

Its always somewhere.. In the industry, pro players, walk-ons vs bonusballers, prices... When will it improve..

People go on fields expecting not to get shot.. and then have a "B..F" with a tantrum..

And paintball companies squeezing every dollar out of a sale..

If it wasn't for pistols bare minimum cost or youtube I honestly wouldn't continue..
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I know the feeling... looking back on the times I've considered quitting have all been due to crappy behavior from people I've played with in the past.

Luckily I play with a really great laid back group pretty much exclusively now. Sure someone will have a bad day every once in a while, but we all do really good at not taking it out on the other guys.

between that and only playing pump/pistol... awwww yis.
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It's in everything, I think it's much more prevalent now with the internet. First you get anonymous people and their ravings online, then you begin to realize that there are so many of them that they must be all around you in life every day.

Paintball is one of those places where you get to punish the whiners though. Game on.
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Inevitable? of course. Negativity is inevitable in everything that involves human interaction. That's the beauty of being alive.
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Its all about the company you keep. I've been playinbg a lot for the last 7 years, and its mostly MCB meetups and EMR games. I don't need bs ruining my paintball.

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It's a simulated combat game and someone has to loose.
If you care a lot about winning, this will displease you.
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Any given Sunday you either gonna win or you gonna lose....
the question is - can you win or lose like a man?


Human nature being what it is - the company I keep has been keeping things happy =)

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Sure be displeased, hey i dont like losing, but i try to learn from it and try to get better.there is always the next game (one of the benefits of being a simulation lol)
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I have never had a point where negativity pushed me from playing. I'm not afraid to tell someone he's being an idiot(unwanted sideline coaching, people on my team wiping, etc.), and I try not to take any of my emotions onto the field with me.

Sure, it's disappointing when you get shot out early, or stupidly, but I think that a lot of people take it way too seriously. I'm not a pro, and I don't intend to play like one.

I'll admit that cost can be a big factor, but that's why I play pump.
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