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If you dont plan on keeping it - buy used (your not going to lose as much when you sell)
If you do plan on keeping it - buy new (it doesnt matter if the price drops to $0 cos you are going to keep it)

If you want the piece of mind that if anything goes wrong you have a warranty - buy new
If you dont mind running the risk of buying something and then having to replace some parts before you even shoot it - pick something up used (for a cheap price)
Does it need to be a specific colour?
Do you need(want) it now, or can you wait to find it at a great price?
How technically minded are you? are you ok with working on your own marker?

If you pick something up here, most of the guys treat their gear well and stand behind what they sell, so if you have problems out of the box, they will help you out

I would have no problems buying something from here. From CL - i would really make sure you are getting a deal and be prepared to drop some cash to get it running top notch.

Determine what your budget is and what factors are important to you, that will help you decide if you want to buy new or used

Hope this helps
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treat it like a car. if you buy new you have the support of the company that made it. since you are giving money to that company(even second hand through a dealer) they will see that the product sells and can make more and accessories for that.

if you buy used, all the money goes to the gun's owner and if there is a problem with it, you have to either fix it yourself(which may or may not be easy) or have a third party deal with a problem child. buying used, you might have gotten someone else's problem child. they had problems, and instead of fixing them, they are shipping it out to the next sucker.

who cares about resale values? you buy a gun because that's what you want, not that you can make money off it if you decide that you don't like it in 2 months. resale values have sucked since the ion came out and undercut everyone's gun value. sure, you'd like to get your money back, but what in life can you say that? a wedding ring? a car? televisions? game consoles? computers? that logic is flawed and stupid. its paintball, not wall street. these are guns not investments. even car dealerships devalue a car as soon as its driven off the lot. only recently have they done full value comebacks for the first month or so.

so go new, if you can, because it will be worth it to you. its nice to know that you are the first one to put paint through it. its nice that you adjusted the pump stroke to fit you. its also nice to say that "you bought this gun new, 10 years ago and its still shoots as good, if not better than the first day you played with it".
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I think the main problem with buying new is that you have to know you'll love it. With a car you can kick the tires and whatnot. With paintball guns, ordering new online is having blind faith that you're going to like the product based on other people's opinions. I would say if you've shot one and are already in love with it, buying new isn't a bad option. If you've never even seen one in person or shot one, I think it's a big risk and you might be better off picking up a used one to try out. That way if you don't love it, you can pass it on without taking a huge loss on it while looking for that gun you'll love.

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Originally Posted by phaedin View Post
If you dont plan on keeping it - buy used (your not going to lose as much when you sell)
If you do plan on keeping it - buy new (it doesnt matter if the price drops to $0 cos you are going to keep it)
This. IMO the above is the most important factor in the new/used debate. (well, second most important since most of my equipment cannot be bought new) If you are trying something out, seek a used one to lessen your investment in that purchase. If its not for you, you minimize your loss. If you really like it and want a brandy shiny new one, then you have something to sell to offset your cost. Or a great supply of parts

Now, on things like goggles, HPA tanks, and other safety related equipment: I flat out refuse to buy used. My eye or my hand isnt worth saving a few bucks.
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My take is this:

If you want something custom made to suit your specs, obviously buying new is usually the right option.

If you want something extremely unique or short run, recent examples being the R7 or DSP, new might be your only option.

For any other guns? Use that MCB membership and buy from reputable members. You can't go wrong there.

I like buying used because when I play, I don't want to worry about scratching my gun. I have owned some nice guns and NEVER abuse them, but I bought them used in maybe 7/10 or 8/10 condition so I never worried about putting a new scratch on them.

Another thing about buying used from MCB is that this is a fantastic community. I almost always tell people when they buy my guns: If you have any problems with this gun EVER, send me an email and I will try to help you. I'm no airsmith or gun tech, but I've been shooting pumps long enough to know solutions to many problems. I simply want a buyer to be happy with their purchase and I suspect many members here feel the same way.

TLDR: unless you want something built to your specs, buy used here and be happy.

Also: at your age when I was saving for a car, buying used was the only option for me to shoot a nice pump. In my opinion used is the way to go 99% of the time.
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Go to your local field you frequently visit that has a KEE account. Tell them you will give them $350 including tax for a new Sniper. See what they say.... Considering these things are less than $300 dealer price you might be surprised.

Or you can have a sponsored player pick it up for you from KEE directly.
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honestly, i never buy used guns or clothes. idk, i like being the first person to use the product, but that is my overall OCD. that way if it comes broken, i know it is the manufacturer's fault and they are obligated to fix it.
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Used all the way. New guns are for people with too much money and not enough common sense. Well really new is for if you can't get it used. The only new gun I bought was a Model 98 and that was before forums. Buy it used, if you wait long enough someone will be selling what you want and have a mortgage past due and you'll get a steal.

(I admit that I have a very large moral vacuum when it comes to buying paintball goods[but I usually make money off the paintball season])
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Used 100% of the time unless like said earlier, if it's something you plan on never selling, go new. I bought my s6.5 because it's almost impossible to find one in the exact color combo i wanted. The only other gun i'll buy new will be the new 12 alien since team is sponsored by them now.

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I have bought a few markers new and a lot of guns on the BST. I prefer buying new if it's a $20-$50 price difference. I'd rather save up a week or two more and get the brand new packaging, warranty, etc.

But on the flip side I'm not against buying used at all. Like I said most of my guns are used.
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