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The regulations aren't the reason. They're DOT regs, and they don't actually have much say or legal clout at a paintball field. (Warning. Don't take an uncertified tank for a car ride.)

It's simply good, safe practice to certify that your high-pressure vessels have been through a periodic inspection process.

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I have a question: When hydro testing is the tank just filled to the rated pressure and if it blows up it fails, or is it more complicated then that?
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they fill the tank submerged in water, so that they can check the expansion of the tank by the rise and fall of the water level. if it's over the standard your tank is labeled failed.

so the tech told me.

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I believe that they also fill the tank with water, as water doesnt have the same compression/expansion characteristics as a gas. So if the tank does fail it is not as catastrophic.
I think they also fill it to approx 1.5 to 1.667 times the stated rated pressure of the tank

Hydrostatic test - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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It does make you wonder how important DOT (Department of Transportation) in the USA thinks Hydro testing small tanks is when it's counterpart TC (Transport Canada) allows small tanks (under 1 liter) to go without ever getting hydro tested. That includes up to 61 c.i. HPA tanks and 20 oz. CO2 tanks.

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As someone who sent off a tank with no obvious marks, or cracks that was out of hydro and not used in a year or two and it came back busted apart. I am quite happy hydros are forced.
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Originally Posted by Rockfrog View Post
All pressure cylinders of any type require periodic Hydrostatic testing (schedules are based on vessel type) in order to verify that it can still hold the working pressures without failure. A failure at pressure of 3K plus is quite catastrophic.

This is done to prevent issues with failure due to damage and or micro fissures in the threading and bodies of aluminum cylinders, corrosion in Steel cylinders and also delamination in fibre wrapped cylinders. This does not cover all reasons, but references to major reasons.

Everything, from the lowly fire extinguisher (195psi) to HP bulk tanks of varying gasses has to meet a specific set of safety requirements as mandated by federal requirements and guidelines (pretty much following worldwide standards).

It is done so Joe Blow doesn't kill himself with the small bomb attached to his marker by making sure it will actually hold said pressures ... the requirements also predate any HPA PB tank by several decades so don't feel so singles out. CO2 tanks also require the same 5yr hydrostatic test as they are pressure vessels.
This is pretty much it. Think about a balloon. You know, the same kind that you can go to a store and buy a bulk of them for pretty cheap. You fill them with air, it's put pressure, and strain, onto the material used to make them. Then you release the air. Then you do it again. And so on, and so on. If a balloon gives it up, your pressure isn't that much. It makes a bang, and life goes on with no problems. On the other hand, these and many other air tanks are holding considerably higher pressure. If it gives up, there is alot more, due to materials and pressure, for it to affect. Do you want to really have an air tank, with 4500 PSI in an aluminum core, wrapped in carbon fiber, and then sealed with epoxy, blow right next to you? Not only is there the noise, but the pressure, and the material being ejected in an explosion.

The cool thing is that so many people in paintball take such good care of their tanks, the rate of failure is minimal, almost non-existent comparatively.
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I had one fail hydro years ago and the tank came back with a hole drilled into it..

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Paintball air cylinder hydro testing, how it works! - YouTube
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Originally Posted by woouulf View Post
I had one fail hydro years ago and the tank came back with a hole drilled into it..
Well there's your problem
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