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Surrendering you was the polite thing to do. Expecting you to thank him for it is douchy.
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I used to run with foam nunchucks. No surrender, just a whack from foam nunchucks across the butt. This was a local field, and I only used them on my friends so no harm no foul.
I'm not a fan of surrenders, but a barrel tag is as good as a paintball on target for me.
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things seem some what situational. I've been tagged on the back when I had complete tunnel vision on what I thougth was a one-on-one. IT had come down to me and one other standing about 20 ft apart dodging and firing each other in the open. We were so absorbed, I never saw the other guy walk up behind me and barrel tag on the back.
I don't even think the guy that I was facing knew there was one other player left on his team. the whole thing was impressive on a coupld of levels.

In a different situation, it comes down to me and my son vs. 3 smaller kids all clamouring behind a single bunker. Here is where the situation get tricky. I'm pumped adrenaline flushing as it was 15 minutes of play. I"m walking up on the bunker from 50 -60ft out just banging in the front. This kept them pinned. I could hear them literally stepping on each other with each riff of 5. Despite the adrenaline, I could see this might go bad. How do I get around the corner on 3 little terrifed kids and not get point blank pain?
Meanwhile my young son, 12, is flanking him with serious joy pumping throught his veins. He's starts sprinting and I'm thinking this is not going to end well. The good thing is the ref's have only us to focus on so they start sprinting as well.
When kids are scared like this, I'm not sure how to close out without them having a sucky day from wetting their pants.
I just came up on their front door banging. I never turned the corner. My son came around on one side and had enough presence of mind to fire high yelling they were out. The refs actually ran in between call out as well. and worked out real well.
The kids had fun and a bit of a 'rush', my son was addicted to running the tape after that, and being the dad. had fun with no one getting in a bad mood.

So you can barrel tag, yell surrender, or even put a firm hand on a shoulder, or even plunk a single shot. It's all good if you consider other people.
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In rec games, surrender rules have their place. In scenario games, they create way more problems. (most people have no clue how far 10 feet is).

Barrel tags, on the other hand, are lots of fun :-)


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In general, if someone gets the drop on me from a superior position than my own and offers a surrender before I know they're there, I take it.

Why? Because they have already out played me. I'm beat. That call for surrender just as easily could have been a stream of paint. Yes, there is the chance that they could have missed, that I could have spun around and taken them out before they got me, but personally I rather admit that they did better than I did, and acknowledge the skill and luck that went into what they've already done.

As for comments like "Light them up till they can't take it", that is very easily called assault. One minor that showed up to an outlaw game I was at a few years ago was slapped with three or four counts of assault with a weapon. There is playing the game, and then there is going well beyond the game in a malicious manner. Think long and hard about who you are playing with if you ever feel the desire to use more rounds on target than strictly needed by the rules.
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I destroy drives for clients all the time. Sometimes, intentionally.
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When you're running you should expect to get hit anywhere, anytime, at any range. It is silly to think otherwise.

Originally Posted by Falcone View Post
He ran into your bunker. Fire at will. When I'm playing speedball, if I pop out the side of my bunker and see someone is running up to bunker me and they are 10 feet away, guess what I'm doing? putting a couple in the chest and if they shoot me still as they run by, they'll get 15 in the back.

I ONLY Surrender younger kids. Everyone else gets a shot in the pack or foot. If you're going to bitch and moan about being shot while playing paintball, you know where the door is.
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