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^^ back in my rambunctious days (when I shot a semi, mid 90's) I had a trick for long range ( >150 feet) woodsball shots. We used trees for cover, and the "target" would have to stand up fully to use that cover. He would then have to pop out one side or the other. My trick was to put 4 slow (meaning a slight pause between shots) arching shots downrange, alternating from one side of the tree to the other. Left, right, left, right, never more than 4. At that range the paintball took enough time to get there that by the time the paintballs had arrived it was almost 2/3 of a second after the sound of my marker had stopped. From the opposing player's perspective, I had fired my volley and it was his turn to return the favor, and he had given the paintballs enough time to pass harmlessly, so out comes the gun and mask and thats when the paintballs arrive... That worked a lot because the timing was off due to the long flight times. So to answer your question, more than 4 shots at a time is a waste at long range IMO.
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I shot someone with my alien from 100 yards in the loader
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Ive shot people corner to corner in nppl before. Thats what, 205 feet give or take?

I know of one memorable shot that was impossibly long. Closer to 300 feet than 200 if I had to venture a guess. I was playing at a local d day scenario and I saw a guy creeping along the tree line on the opposite side of a large urban field. I lobbed a couple his way hoping I could scare him enough to slow his advance till I got close enough to have a proper gunfight. He was wearing a utilikilt and I got lucky and clipped a buckle on the kilt. Myself, my buddy and him all talked about how ridiculous and lucky the shot was for a good 5 minutes.

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couple living legends ago i saw a guy with a bazooka smoke the tank right in the windshield with a nerf rocket from about 100 rds away. tank was coming down the path between the pallet field and the car field. we were in the car field and the rocket launcher just points it up toward the sky and lets one fly. everybody yelled when the rocket hit the windshield and you see the tank slowly turn around and start rolling back the way it came.
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On a fine Sunday afternoon I made a facemask hit at 70' (100' sounds better) using a suppressed splatmaster rapide with no sighting system. The wind was a 15 km per hour crosswind. It was one of 40 odd shots (40 shot toploader magazine)

The best I could do considering the awefull velocity (about 220) and the stiff double action trigger. ............ But it was a fun challenge.
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I had a 290ft fsr hit with fsr muzzle loaded into sl-682. Single shot guy was on the move pegged him. No scoped too. pretty damn nice shot and a little bit of luck too
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I LOVE getting long range shots, the problem is they often think it was a team mate so they don't go out : (. Most of the fields around here don't have woods and are fairly open, so its easy to lob em over if you want to. Longest shot I've had was probably around 300 ft, with the wind behind me, with my Ironmen matrix, 18 inch boomstick, using marbellizers. Took like 10 out at that distance that game, they were basically still in their start station!

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Originally Posted by beebs View Post
Ive shot people corner to corner in nppl before. Thats what, 205 feet give or take?
Yessir, something around there. And with the HB layout, dorito corner to snake corner was an open shot all day long.
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Originally Posted by FreeEnterprise View Post

120 feet is easy, 250 feet, that is much harder... 350 feet. I'm pretty sure I am the only person with 300+ foot shots on film showing players raising their hands after getting hit.

Here is one where you can see the guy raise his hand, again, it hit him in the head while he was trying to hide laying down behind that tree. :34
That did not look like an NFL length football field distance away to do realize that is what 300+ ft is...100 yrds, a professional football field in length...

You weren't arc'ing those shots very much...and last time i tried to shoot any long distance while shooting 280 fps...i had to shoot a decent angle to get them to go anywhere (w/ proper bore matched barrel)

And spraying and praying at that distance i'm not sure counts as a good 'long distance shot' just got a lucky curve that went the right direction...according to your video evidence.
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I was playing a 2v1 casual game with my SC phantom a few years back. It was a very gusty day, and I was shooting some leftover whitebox that is still the brittlest paint I've ever shot. Shot from a bunker where I could barely see the guy. Decided I would attempt to use the wind since my other shots weren't hitting him. Aimed 15 ft to his left, shot from 200ft away, wind carried it straight to his goggle. I didn't know I had shot him until the end of the game
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