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The basic principles of point shooting.....duh
aim, shoot, correct/adjust, shoot...etc..
Dumb video...and its called some "expert" video?
If you are talking about how to aim/HOSE paint, the goal of the tutorial should be leading your target, random cover/fire bursts...etc..not that bs. LOL
just putting in my two-cents.
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Originally Posted by Mstrtal View Post
Ya know the basics. You do not need 200 dollars worth of fancy clothing to play Paintball.
For reals?!?!? Damn... but they're so cumfy and make me look super agg.

The only thing this guy is an expert at is being stoned out of his mind.
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Have you guys looked at the transcript? It looks like something I wrote in kindergarten.
Hello, my name is Orestes Guada from Expert Village, today we're going to talk about the game of paintball. The proper way to use a paintball gun, you put it against your chest with your hand in front of the grip, hold tight. Some people like the new people, they come up and they put the tank on top of their shoulders, it doesn't really give them a good aiming, the only way they get good aiming is if they see down the side of their gun and they can see down their barrel. You can't really aim with these guns, you just shoot paintballs and then you just aim with the paint and you just keep the loader in inside your bunker so you won't get shot. Some people play with it outside like this, so people get shot here, if you play with it like this inside your bunker, the only thing that showing is your barrel and your face when you're shooting. Always reload, sometimes with your gun up like this, reload like this, some people push it down, it's not good to reload while holding your gun down, always gun up.
Hello, my name is Orestes Guada from Expert Village, today we're going to talk about the game of paintball. Any good paintball park should make you sign waivers as soon as you walk in, if they don't make you sign waivers then, I don't think they should be open. You come here, you sign a waiver, you give it in and then for a whole year it'll be good, your name will show up on here on our big list that we have so you don't have to sign the waiver no more. If you're under 18, your mom has to sign the waiver, if you're over 18, you're good to go. You got to make sure you bring admission fee and paintballs which is field paint only here at Extreme Rage Paintball Park.
EDIT: and here's an even better one!
Also professional paintball does get you a lot of benefits like you could travel the world, I've been to Europe twice, I went to Paris and Germany, Denver, Boston, a couple in the state, I've been all over the place.
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my name is Orestes Guada you killed my father, prepare to die

Nope Inigo Montoya works better
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Wow...and I didn't think I'd ever find someone who sounds dumber than George Bush...(Dubya, not his dad)
Porch Monkey 4 Life!

s'ok...I'm takin' it back...

My Feedback Thread
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He reminds me of Pedro from Napoleon Dynamite.
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His lips keep moving, but he's not saying ANYTHING....
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Originally Posted by Ramous View Post
But what it all comes down to is if your having fun. If your not having fun playing against people using full auto with a pump, then switch to a semi; fun is the only thing that really matters in paintball.
Originally Posted by Mstrtal View Post
rub their little faces right in their own piss while yelling NO NO NO as loud as you can while smacking them on the back of the head.
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I have thought long and hard about this. And is this the quality of professional player that makes up our leagues? So what makes him any better than us? I'm still thinking about that right . I use to think that professional players could shoot the wings off a fly with one ball. This guy can't. Obviously he can't snap shoot cause he needs to watch his balls flight path just to aim. I seriosuly doubt he can communicate clearly on the field .

If I ever go on vacation in Miami, I think I'm going to try out for Rage just for laughs. I'll hook you guys put with him nice sponsor prices

Originally Posted by Wycke View Post
Wow...and I didn't think I'd ever find someone who sounds dumber than George Bush...(Dubya, not his dad)
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^ I give the guy the benefit of the doubt. He's probably very athletic, a good shot, can live behind his bunker, etc. But he's just got to work on his video "presentation" so to speak.

Just goes to prove that crossing over into other endeavors isn't always the easiest thing to do.

Thumbs up for giving it a go. Thumbs down on execution. That being said, I blame the production peeps for putting him in that uncomfortable role.
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I enjoy the cerebral aspects of paintball mixed with the rush of the game. However, we're talking about a sport in which the main skills are shooting people while hiding behind things. It's not exactly a requirement that one be able to speak in complete sentences.

That said, holy cripes, this guy can't possibly be for real.
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