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Originally Posted by Broch View Post
That's the one, but I haven't walked a mile in the kids shoes. A wise person already said tonight that forgiveness is key. It is, and I'm over it.
Forgiveness is divine but never pay full price for late pizza.

and to stay on topic, the luxe as well.. Always seems to be in the hands of an annoying player, i.e. overshooting.
As far as using the Silver Bullet one of my first markers years ago.. wasn't even packaged with the right battery.. Nightmare for new players.

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My old t2 was my most hated gun for a long time. Always having issues from dirt getting in the hammer tube. If it wasn't so muddy all the time back home it'd been great or even getting hit in the loader sometimes was enough to get it gummed up

All time most hated. Dye guns. They take too much maintenance and tinkering
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Originally Posted by Dono View Post
Forgiveness is divine but never pay full price for late pizza.

and to stay on topic, the luxe as well.. Always seems to be in the hands of an annoying player, i.e. overshooting.
As far as using the Silver Bullet one of my first markers years ago.. wasn't even packaged with the right battery.. Nightmare for new players.
Im pretty sure that the disdain for space dildos in general has little to do with the markers themselves. It has to do with the fact that they are being carried by teenagers who didn't pay for their own gear, and who don't have any trigger control. Nothing causes my blood pressure to go up more than being bonus balled by a 15 year old with a space gun. I work my tail off to be able to play, and these kids parents treat the fields as over priced weekend daycare for rug rats.
I finally decided to start a thread for my Feedback:

Rocking it for the Fringe Division!
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Originally Posted by pillage View Post
Gun hate? Any gun being carried by a over the top fan boy assbag.
Pisses me off too. Every kid I see that plays paintball and are starting out but you can see they're obviously spoilt, 'OH I TINK IMA MOVE UP TO A [Insert high end gun here]

**A week later**
AG1ngerwithagun on Xbox live, add me as a friend if you want to play together!
Originally Posted by Axel View Post
I see an agglet and I want to paint it black...
...or yellow, orange, green; whatever the field paint is that day.
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Originally Posted by FreeEnterprise View Post
I HATE spyders... Seriously, they WON'T chrono at 280 unless you take them apart and cut the spring. You can literally take the adjuster OFF The back of the gun, and it is still shooting over 300.

And in the cold, FORGET about using a spyder, just air that bad boy up and start counting the leaks. Out the front, out the bottom, out the back... Worthless!

And of course they want ME to stop doing the chrono work and fix their brand new spyder for them...

I keep a stack of Tippmanns in my garage and just tell them to go get one of mine, and leave their spyder in their car.

So annoying.
I've had 2 Spyders..had no leaks in them whatsoever, and they both worked fine in the cold. I would take one any day over a Tippmann, especially if its a Spyder clone that Azodin makes.
Originally Posted by Floundah View Post
Now that's something worth fundraising for, an MCB zombie defense fort. With indoor fields. And blackjack. And hookers.
Leave me some feedback if you've dealt with me:
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I have never been real keen on electros. I don't like not being able to see the physical relationship between parts... makes it harder to fix a problem I can't see with my own eyes.

As for mechanicals: i'd say mags or palmer's semi autos. Don't know why, just never had much luck with either breed.
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Anything (C)Rap4,potmetal POSes,an entry level gun that will turn new players off to the game,they never work right and they're customer service sucks!!
I'm not THAT Punisher!!
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My feedback
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I can't say I hate anything, as in my 12+ years of playing, I have only ever actually played with a 68 Special, an old semi-auto rental (one of the inline blowbacks that wasn't a Tippmann back in say...98), my M98, an A-5, and my Viking.

I will say however, that I have an uneasiness towards Cockers. Back in 2000-2003 my friend got one. I played, he'd stay and tinker (And then get begged into teching someone else's marker....). Thing rarely seemed to work right.

Otherwise, I have no other experience, but I will say that I am not a fan of pretty much any current markers based on their looks alone. I can count the markers that look okay to me on one hand: Mini, Axe, and Mokal Aura

Yes. I am crazy.
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blow backs,
i hate almost all spoolys,
open class phantoms.
almost everything made overseas,
the list continues
Stockclass does not describe your setup, it describes the mentality you portray on the field.

Originally Posted by BigOldSkool
I've played pump against the worst of the paintball scum bags, do I hang it up? Nah.... I play angrier.

Originally Posted by DocsMachine View Post
-I'm not just a gun whore, I own a Brothel!

So that's Madam Doc to you, sir!

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Originally Posted by nerdcore View Post
'05 Alien Interceptor. Juuunk. I bought this thing straight from the website, brand new.

Body was in 2 parts, main chunk and ram housing. It was designed for easier maintenance & trouble-shooting... except it was pain in the donkey to reassemble! The manual actually says to duct tape the main body to the frame, attach the ram housing to the frame, then remove the duct tape and attach the rest of the body. WTF! And there were a ton of screws holding everything together. Threads for the ram housing were poorly milled, so the screws didn't catch well. You also had to line up the ram housing screw holes with the frame screw holes, while the body and frame were duct-taped together... ugh, what a mess.

Gun had mad trigger bounce, could never fix it. Stock board settings didn't address the problem, trigger adjustments didn't help. Plus, trigger adjustments were made in the dumbest way possible, with this weird trigger plate used, and screws only accessible through the top of the gun (or separate the frame & body), taking into consideration other companies were already making externally-adjustable triggers.

Reg recharge was erratic, which was pin-pointed to a faulty piston. Contacted the company and a tech sent me a new piston, which didn't work any better.

The owner, Jack Rice, was not at all open to advice. A former employee that also worked at my old home field (and an even older local shop) tried to share plans on improving the design, but Mr. Rice wouldn't have it. Stubborn man.

Speaking of stubborn, i wanted to return this crap to Jack Rice, since it never worked properly and was poorly designed, but he would not accept returns. Never actually investigated his return policies, but if something doesn't WORK, you'd probably want to be slightly accomodating, like offer to service it. Nope, he just said no, it's your problem.
Just had my first Alien experience and yeah I gotta agree with stupid design in terms of assembly. Thankfully it wasn't mine, I was just soldering the "great" solenoid leads back together, wires so thin it would make the Olsen twins jealous! One of my teammates loves these guns but I really think they are just trash...
Steve Shuey, Team Crimson Reign
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