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Kingman chaser, thought it was so cool until I realized how horrible 43 paint is. I actually watched my shots catch on the folds of my buddies shirt and gently drift to the ground unscathed. Also, the mags liked to release on their own in your belt
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What gun you hate most... The aurora autococker. Too damn pretty, too damn hard to find, and too damn expensive when you do
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Well, let's just say that I loved my Ion...up until it crapped the bed on me and wouldn't quit leaking.
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I HATE the BT4 and all of it's slightly altered cousins. Ironhorse, delta, erc, omega, whatever. To me they are just made way to cheap. They work great I will give you that, but the users are the most annoying thing about them. Especially when they want to sell their BT4 to buy a TM15. "sup guys today im sellin my pbl gun it shoots rly good and it comes with a hopper and a 73" tiller barrel that makes it shoot like a sniper bazooka so all you need is air and paint and this is like the best gun ever but im buyin a different best gun ever so yeah lol 300$."

Spyders are love hate for me though too. Spyder clones I absolutely hate, but legitimate spyders are iffy for me. I got a 05 pilot and an 05 victor in the same lot once, and the pilot would not stop leaking no matter what I did. The victor worked fine though. I swapped the cupseals between the two and both worked fine???????? I mainly don't like spyders because I like tippmann. So I would just say buy a 98 or a ft12 for a beginner gun. Spyders feel cheap becasue they are made to be cheap entries into existing markets. I have an MR5 right now, and yes, it feels a little bit cheap but I am fine with that because I was aware of that when I bought it. My only real complaint with it is that I don't have 15 round mags yet!
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rap4 t68 gen 6, and then upgraded to gen 7

i wont even bore you with a textbooks worth of why
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Dont hate but i say all things automag. Just way overrated.

Also add, anything psychoballistics such as superbolt 'autococker', frustrating with constant leaks.
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i cant think of many guns that i ever had a consistently negative experience with

and ive owned a LOT..

i will mention Black draguns... when the field i helped open started selling these, i got to see first hand how bad they were.. they would work fine for a few days, and then they would stop re-cocking.. same thing goes for spyders.. every single spider i ever delt with would stop recocking.. i never was able to figure out if it was the o-ring on the front of the hammer not making a good enough seal.. or if it was the sear wearing out..

gen 1 though 3 intimidators.. i owned a 2k5 warped they would never stop breaking paint. i changed to board to an infamous, i changed the regs to AKA, and i ramped the top of the bolt to cut down on the possibility of it being "clipped" balls
finally was about to shoot a hopper without breaking a shot,, put it up for sale after a whole day of using it.. it felt SO uncomfortable.. like i was snapshooting with a 4x4 up to my shoulder

and for poor design alone. a B2k.. 80 wires connecting 2 boards, and such thin strands of aluminum, the wire would get brittle and break from the heat of soldering, and the hammer snapped off my ram within a week of play..

other than that.. ive either been able to fix everything or keep it running to the point that even other people couldn't break it if they used it


^And i did it while wearing a helmetcam^ in 1080P HD if you need proof
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I can't say I've ever hated any of the markers I've owned. That includes Spyders, Autocockers, and open class Phantoms (all of which have made some people's lists here). As long as I get the springs set correctly and actually maintain it, a Spyder will shoot just fine for me. Same for Autocockers. As long as they're properly maintained, no problems. And Phantoms? Really? I've never owned a more reliable marker in my life. So, sorry - I really can't jump on the hate wagon.
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I'll get back in here and say the zap zxs600e

It was like an ICD cat fasor that they made with the cheapest materials they could. It had sooooo much potential(see my avatar/ and was just made so poorly that nothing could ever be done with it. I believe punisher made a writeup of all the problems with it.
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I'd have to say any sort of Sheridan brass type gun. That includes PPS customs. I had a K-Framed Pug which was very pretty, but I just couldn't ever get used to it. Never smooth enough for my liking! Probably right after that would be Nelson type guns. I've owned 4-5 Phantoms, and just never liked the feel of them.
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