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My A-5. I have owned two of them and to be honest they just aren't my style of gun. I'll have one up for sale real soon.

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I don't hate anything, but there are some I will stay away from.

Brass. Not my thing. I tried 3 times, just didn't sync with me.

Anything MQ. I loved shooting my MQ Karni, but the time it took to tune it just took it out of me. I never had to touch it after it was tuned, but getting there did me in. Used it for 2 days and sold it because I couldn't hit anything but the breeze.
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Originally Posted by Mar View Post
I really like the picture posts, because I don't understand most of the word posts.
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The H8TR.
Originally Posted by Railgun View Post
Air Power Vector... a MAN's gun....... A gun with a report loud enough that lesser players will pee themselves in fright at the massive concussion wave emmited by the stout thick walled barrel of DOOM. A paintball gun fit for Arnold in the original Terminator movie. A gun that'll pump up those pect's of yours to where women will swoon at the raw muscles you'll soon have.

Air Power Vector, for the man that has climbed to the peak and wants to look down on the beaten and defeated opponents left in his wake.
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Brass and Wood Fan
PPS semi's

bought a very pretty squall used from a member fully knowing it needed a teching from palmers so had it sent straight there. 3-4 months and about $100 later I get it back but it is absolutely filthy, so filthy in-fact that the trigger was too gummed up to reset the quickswitch so that one had to push it forward to get it to reset, which obviously did not make for the best semi auto action. sent an email to palmers where I expressed my displeasure and they told me the tech who worked on the gun "forgot" to clean it but they said they would rebuild it under my service warranty. another 3 months go by before its back in my hands after which I was so soured by the experience that I traded it away. Almost everyone else that I have known has had similar experiences with palmer's semis.

I get that the whole bud-orr issue made them have to come up with a different design, but seriously, the whole 3-way ine the grip thing is an outdated pain in the ***, as well as the integrated LPR. I love some of their original pump guns and they do a great job (albiet a very expensive one) on refurbing and upgrading pumps, but as a person who prides themselves on being able to tech his own ****, any pps semi seems to be way too much work for my liking because it is engineered in such a way that it is just too much trouble for the end user because they are just so damn touchy.

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Originally Posted by splatmaster12 View Post
If I didn't play pump I wouldn't play, simple as that.
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DP Fusion. First electro and I felt like such a bad ***. Until it only worked the first time I took it out and then it blew the solenoid every time I shot more then 10 rounds out of the barrel. Even brand new from getting the whole thing fixed and tuned by DP.

Eventually sold it and the next guy hadn't had a problem a year later.
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AT-85 It looks cool, but the mag system is to finicky and breaks to easy.

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Gen 1 MR3,bought as a backup/loaner,never worked!I actually gave it away after countless tries at fixing it,i even gave it to my proshop and they couldn't fix it.

Q-loader,great concept but a real POS,still think if they used a clock type spring instead of a standard spring it may have worked

(C)RAP 4 shotgun..enuf said
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Recently my Axe, but I've since realized it just doesn't work well with my rotor. No idea why. It works fantastically with my prophecy and my S6 never has a hiccup with the rotor, but for some reason the Axe and Rotor refuse to play nice together. It usually doesn't take more than a bag of paint before the combo ends up in a soupy mess in the hopper and chamber.
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Spyder MR2. Just an air powered blender.
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Originally Posted by russc View Post
Yeah, but Brass Eagle sold them with 12 gram changers.
Yes...and at $100 retail for the guns in the mid-90s... that's more than you got from any other gun maker. You bought a spyder or a tippmann for twice as much, you didn't get anything at all, to start using it right away.
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