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What paintball gun you hate the most?

So here is the question. What gun were you so excited for but then when you got it, you hated it so much?

Let me start.

I was so excited for the Metadyne Thumper. It was a cool concept but finally i got mine i was so disappointed. I had to keep sending it back to get repaired. The problem i think it was that metadyne rushed the project and didn't really test out what they had. Last i saw they are on like their 5th design on the bolt.
After getting it back after the 3rd time i just sold it.

So who's next?


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My Evil M. Paid a large sum of money for it, and it ran like a champ for half the day. Then it quit, and I've spent months trying to figure out what went wrong, succeeding only in giving me a headache every time I touched it. I had it listed for sale, but decided that I wasn't going to let it beat me. I will get it working, or die trying. It's getting mailed out to Destructive tomorrow morning for a full overhaul.
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Ego 9... Hands down. Hated that thing, and pretty much every other Ego I've shot since.
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Tippmann was just a harder to use, harder to maintain, uglier Tippmann 98.
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Prolly either my PMR or Dm4....
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Ive owned 3 or 4 brass markers and disliked them all, just not my thing

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Originally Posted by Kermit View Post
What? My DM3 was my absolute favorite gun. Well, favorite electro. That will probably change once I get to use my Axe this weekend, but I still loved it.

My ICD Promaster. Was my first gun. Something was weird with the recharge rate, and I hated both barrels. The stock one was inacurrate and the aftermarket it came with always, always chopped balls (never checked its bore size since I was newer and didn't know much).

Then my friend had a Promaster and his always leaked. It never worked right.
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Anything Kingman.

Every time I've ever been asked to tech a gun for someone who doesn't really play paintball, it's always some POS Spyder that's got enough sand around the cupseal to start a beach replenishment project. Then when you tell them how much it costs to replace the parts they whine and cry because it's almost always more than it cost for them to buy the piece of garbage at whatever yard sale or Walmart they found it at...
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