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Eh, I was thinking hitman with A/T not just the hitman on its own.
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Even so, it's an almost sure bet that you can fire far faster using the pump handle while auto-triggering than using the Hitman mod while autotriggering.
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^ very true.
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yep that is the bottom line... AT holding pump handle is the fastest way to shoot a pump, the hitman mod is just there to allow you to hold the marker like a pro and still shoot well.
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This hits on so many things. I think those who pump with AT use, they just have slow semis. And I remember 2 years ago at the first pump game at living legends, most people were armed with ccm's and rotors and literally shooting ropes at me with my p68sc. And it got obnoxious because it was just like playing with semis. I could literally forsee like ropes of 8 balls coming at me everytime someone would pop out. After awhile I gave up and got my pistol to compete with the ROF everyone had. It just wasnt fun. I mean i expect high ROF from electros and thats cool. But I thought was going to nice leisurely pump play turned into a CCM AT spray-a-thon. I use a pump cocker once in a while with a revvy and hitmann because the hitman makes it alot more comfortable to pump with the rediculous drop I have on my gun and the revvy is the only thing I have that fits in the cocker stovepipe. But I play with a stock class mentality. I literally tell friends with CCM's to pull those stupid AT levers off. I see it as a dilution of pump. The guys that run around with rotors and AT just spraying all over the place and have the guts to call themselves pumpers tick me off a bit.

-I have nothing against CCM, great guns. Its just that the majority of those running AT have them.
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Originally Posted by Side-Swipe View Post
+1.. A/Ting is silly - but everyone should give it a try at least once.

now: MQ'ing and rotors on pumps... lol. now thats like putting low-profile tires on a 69 Mustang Fastback. I can't say why its wrong.. it just is.
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I can still shoot fast with out a/t
Mine isn't quite timed but I don't hold the trigger down
It helps aid me in not pulling the trigger too early
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I don't like pump events that turn into high volume shooting events. Personally I would prefer to see stickfeeds. My phantoms have auto-trigger (so I am told) but I have never seen one effectively used.

I don't know. It seems to me like I want to see less paint in the air. Pump was one way of attempting that. With the technology now used in pumps we have to question if that worked as it was intended. Maybe we should have been discussing loaders
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...and it rises from the grave...

Play what you want, with what you want, and call it whatever style you want. Just play fair, within the rules set for the game and respect your fellows. That is all that is important all else is unimportant.

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Originally Posted by Grendel View Post
Play what you want, with what you want, and call it whatever style you want. Just play fair, within the rules set for the game and respect your fellows. That is all that is important all else is unimportant.
I think the discussion is interesting. In the span of about one generation, the game of paintball has changed so much that one can hardly compare today's version with that of the game from 20-25 years ago. What attracted me to the game back then can rarely be found today. One would have to stumble upon a private outlaw group that has specific restrictions on paint volume and ROF. If paintball had been what it is today when I first stepped on a field, I'm quite sure I would not have stuck with it. I realize no one here cares if that had happened or not, but my concern is that we are eliminating many, many players that would take up the sport/hobby, because it's virtually impossible for a new player to come to a paintball field and find a low intensity game anymore. Even a pump game at a local commercial field (ours included) is much more intense that a pump game 20-25 years ago.

I know we can't go back in time and we will never reverse things the way they are, but I feel there is value in talking about low intensity play being accessible to those who want it. It's not just about playing within the rules, it's about changing the rules, in this case restricting technology, to give others a chance play in an environment more to their liking.
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