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Originally Posted by noclue119 View Post
Are pump mags allowed in PSP/NPPL?

Just watched how an pump mag works, if you have to pump it at least .68 inch then IMO it is a true pump.

Also after reading the PSP rule book Pump Mags are in the gray are according to PSP rule book.
They don't have a hammer thus not allow?

9.3.8. A pump marker may only be manually re-cocked between each shot, thus allowing for the
hammer to be reset. This pump action must consist of one complete backward (pull) and return forward (push) cycle of the pump mechanism. Beaver tails must be in place on any ‘Autococker’ based pump markers The trigger may consist of one of two types: A standard which requires a pull and release for each pump cycle, or An auto-trigger, which consists of a trigger which can be held in the ‘pull’ position while cycling the pump mechanism.
I feel like that's truly semantics, as you could easily say "...thus allowing for the bolt to be reset". It honestly reads like someone finished the sentence and wanted to get wordy, it would have worked as "A pump marker may only be manually re-cocked between each shot". Interestingly enough, doesn't this exclude the CCI Revolution?

Does the MVP have a hammer?

The rules are also inane and in dire need of updating.
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It looks like the newest (2012) iteration of the NPPL rule book is even dumber than before:

31.01 Pump Marker. A Pump Marker must be manually re-cocked between shots. This is
performed by moving the handle or the grip forward and then back along the barrel of the marker.
Pulling the trigger in these markers causes the hammer from the previous pumping action to hit
into the valve stem, releasing air and pushing the paintball through the barrel. It is the player's
duty to pump the marker. The pump action will reset the hammer and allows a paintball to drop
into the breach, and pumping back forward will allow the hammers sear to come into contact with
the trigger.Any pump marker that is “AutoCocker “ based must have a beaver tail. (Except the
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Ya the MVP has a hammer.

I had to ask about the Beaver tail enforcement. I think most people agreed that Full blocks are the only guns that needs beaver tails to prevent thumbing of the cocking rod.

Finally the Rules should be clarified if they want pump to grow.
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Automags arent agg!?
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Keep in mind when discussing the rule books, that they are there for when they get challenged. Try to read the NFL football rulebook and you'd be tying a noose by page 4, but playing the game comes natural, same as paintball.

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