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You can always argue that the person with the smoothest shooting pump will have the advantage in accurate ROF... so the best way to equalize seems Limited Paint.

Pump is a self imposed handicap. I agree that tinkering around the limitation to bypass it, is an absurd approach. Just play semi with limited paint. It's all paintball.
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Originally Posted by Painthappy View Post
That's shooting slow in that video. He could speed it up by pulling the pump handle forward actually.
I think his technique is actually pretty smart...there isn't really any way he can chop a ball even at full speed if you are only slapping the pump handle backwards.
Originally Posted by agentSmith View Post
oldschool play is about sportsmanship and respect, oldschool gear is available on Ebay.
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I've heard of a guy shooting an Illusion (sniper-style marker with NO AT) at 13bps, with multiple witnesses to verify the BPS reading. I shoot my Illusion with the pump trigger (hitman mod thing) only, so no chopping... and it's still a quick gun. that being said, it's a lethal marker because it's accurate as hell, not because I'm shooting tons of paint... but in theory, I could. You want to stop a guy from shooting "too quick" with a pump gun? Impose a paint cap, problem solved. Honestly I don't think a pump gun shooting 10+ BPS is something we should be worried about, it's still much more reasonable than semis shooting 15 BPS or more... ROF caps are being enforced more often these days and it makes a big difference in enjoying the game. I do feel that a pump player with a stock class marker is considerably outgunned by another player who doesn't need to reload every 10 shots or recharge co2 on the field (even an open class pump player), but that's the sort of challenge that can really make the game enjoyable for those of us who really enjoy engaging challenges on the field (being out-gunned doesn't mean you gotta be out-played)
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Originally Posted by ApoC_101 View Post
(being out-gunned doesn't mean you gotta be out played)
This. I am always outgunned, and honestly, quite frequently outplayed. That being said, everytime I step on the field with my stock class gun I get better. Eventually i will be as good as I will ever be. Which may never be as good as some of you. But I will always have fun. It doesnt matter to me how many bps I can shoot, it only matters how much fun per game (fpg) I can have. I play SC because that is the style of game I find most rewarding, even against semi autos both mechanical and electric. Todays modern pump guns are still pump guns, they are just better at being pump guns than the ones we first started playing the game with.
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Originally Posted by Bored383 View Post
I don't care what anyone uses to play - just don't be a douche to your fellow players

its the golden rule, applied to our sport.

< / thread >
Nicely stated my friend!
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I think it is human nature to delve into an arms race. Even if we imposed rules that pumps couldn't have A/T's or limited paint, we would still try to make our marker the best pump on the field in what ever way possible. It could be done with a lighter pump stroke, lighter marker, some new first strike feed system and many others things. Even if the rules of the game were stock class with limited paint, a stock class converted CCM with a good bore to paint match has a huge advantage over a stock pgp. The only real way to take away a gun advantage would be to do some IROC (NASCAR) style rules were everyone has the exact same gun and equipment.

Really though just play what you like to play and show respect to the way other players like to play. If you think something is unfair you should probably reevaluate three things, your style of play, the place you play at, and the people you play with.

To answer your question though, A pump is a pump, A/T or not.

Originally Posted by Bored383 View Post
I don't care what anyone uses to play - just don't be a douche to your fellow players

its the golden rule, applied to our sport.
~Matt Rassett
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I don't know if that video was 8bps, but it was dang fast, and I'm impressed. I've never used a CCM before, but I've just converted one of my Snipers to AT, so I'll see if I can AT better on that than I can on old Nelson based guns.

Even that fast, it's still a skill set you have to develop, so I don't think it's outside what you would consider "playing pump."
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A pump is a pump, in my mind. As long as you have to at leat move the bolt each t ime after a shot without the assistance of pnuematics it is a pump to me.
But regarding the derailing of the thread to each their very own, but don't hate on other play styles or anything.
Just play the game to have fun it doesn't matter if you use a electro, pump, mech, pistols, mags, cockers, pisols, mag fed what ever you want as long, you play fair and try to have fun it should not matter.

On a less important note in before the lock.
Feed Back Thread

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Doesn't matter, had se-...played paintball.
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I dont play tourny ball or will I ever, I dont like all the screaming cheating and cry babying that goes on in that so really what defines a pump gun in the tournament scene I could care less, just because they are holding pump guns doesnt change the tournament attitude.

One thing I always chuckle about is OSC "old school challege" were you can wear full bounce gear and use guns that are less than a year old

It would be cool if someone hosted an event where all guns are pre-1995 and you could use old mechs or pumps. Then the losing team would have supply the beer for the after party
Originally Posted by volunteer paintball View Post
stolz is the Charlie Sheen of mcb. insanity included
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