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Braden Lowe
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Hard pink flex bottoms for 7 bucks. Not sure how much they are worth though..

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The Craigslist King!
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FN303 for $130
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The Game
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Originally Posted by cirkle68 View Post
Last year I found a dollar on the floor at work. bought an instant lottery ticket with it won 50. used that money to buy bf3, traded bf3 for a carbon fiber tank. Sold the tank for 90. Bought a box of ion crap for a mech ion project for 60, got pissed sold it on ebay for 150. Bought a g3 iq for 110 and another tank for 40. Person I bought the g3 for decided they quit paintball, traded the g3 and tank for an htc flyer android pad. Sold the pad on ebay for 290, bought an asus transformer prime for 340.

That was the story of my 1 dollar tablet.
That is awesome haha
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Legal Eagle
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best deal for me involved a series of trades. Found an arcade 360 LNIB traded a blackberry I was given for some money i was owed for it. Traded the arcade 360 for a BNIB Odyssey RPM. Traded the RPM for a PGP with some palmers ups (added in about $40 of my own upgrades to it) traded the PGP just recently for an AM Illusion set up for VSC. So that's the story of my essentially $40 + some shipping AM Illusion.

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Originally Posted by ApoC_101 View Post
Pump paintball is cheaper than any drug habit I've ever heard of.

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A guy was giving away a karnivor with the purchase of an Ion because he said the karni was broke. I msgd him and said I'd buy the karni for $75. He asked for $100 and I said deal. When I received the marker it looked brand new with no scratches or nicks. As he had said, the gun would turn on, but as soon as you shoot, the E1 blade would turn off. I dropped the trigger frame and found the reflective eye wire was pinched, stripped and shorting out the board. I had a spare, so I dropped it in and "bam" - problem solved.
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Go 'Hawks!
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I won this BAMF of a Phantom in a raffle last year.

I'd consider that lucky.

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Post Whore
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Got a karni for $100 at Pump Panda, 3 hours later i traded it with my kp2 for a palmerized chplnstoned pirated kp. Ive always wanted a chplnstone kp.
Originally Posted by Party View Post
They always get moody after you try to **** with them.
Now what's a cocker?
Women are a lot like Pokemon, it doesn't matter how good you are, You cant catch any if you don't have any balls.

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Rec Poster
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bob long team iron man cocker in splash pink for $15.
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Post Whore
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kapp lava w/ mac dev conquest for 125
05 borg in 06-07 for 140
bonebrake pro series for 140
fx cocker + black magic body + stock for 80
angel with a bad battery for 50 + a proto frame with board for 10 to make an angel w/ a proto board/frame for 60.

all bargains have been offset by things I wanted bad enough to pay way too much for.
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Like new ironman sb angel for 300- kinda pricey right?? Go ahead and find another......ill wait.
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