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Camouflage is a tool to enhance a set of tactics. It is not a Romulan cloaking device.

Yes, you can sneak and hide effectively without it, but when properly applied and used you become that much harder to spot.

General effects of camouflage are greatly reduced at the ranges paintball is engaged in, but it still has some effect. One fun test I've been part of for a demonstration of Cadpat is a group of people laying on the ground under tree shade, and then people from the general public were brought in and asked to count how many people are there. Everyone spots the guy in the white tshirt, most get the guy in the black ninja outfit, many get most of the guys in olive drab, plain browns, etc (Think it was like 5 or 6 people wearing blending colours), and some would pick out three or four guys in the cadpat uniforms.

Test subjects/general public were about 30-60 feet from where people were 'hiding'. After about a minute to let them count a whistle was blown, and 30 guys in cadpat stood up.

So, in general, if you are wearing a pattern that is suited to your environment, it sure doesn't hurt. Might not help much depending on what you are doing, but it is far easier to spot a bright orange pattern crawling at the edge of your vision than it is one that blends in with the scene.

(Also REALLY helps if you can have a bit of wind to set stuff in motion. Moving on dead calm days is horribly hard compared to days with a good gusty wind through the underbrush.)
Originally Posted by Lrrpie-CT View Post
I destroy drives for clients all the time. Sometimes, intentionally.
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I think one mistake paintball players make when selecting camouflage is picking a pattern that matches their environment instead of one that matches their cover.

If you think about how you move and go on the average field, the majority of your time is spent behind bunkers, which on most wooded fields are constructed of stacked branches or plywood. These are almost always lighter and browner than the surrounding area and it would make more sense to dress accordingly rather than try to match the field as a whole. This is why multicam and even the army ACU digital can be surprisingly effective, even in verdant areas.

Here's a picture of me, standing out in a fairly green and dark field.
Shoulda gone multicam.

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Originally Posted by Keebler View Post
I think delta is a very good example of All this. Effective scenario/woodsball team. Highlighter yellow jersey pretty much covers it
True. But on the other hand, I have eliminated many a delta player simply because I was alerted to their presence by their yellow jersey.

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Right i agree but i guess my point is the average person really isn't good enough at noticing people regardless
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These guys were about 20 feet from me and were looking for me. I was doing John Woo rolls earlier when they were out of range.
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^ video makes me want to play pistols... Great job!
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I tried that kinda thing once I failed miserably im not ambidextrous enough to concentrate on two targets at once lol good job though
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Camo helps, but isn't the end all, be all. I used to not wear it at all, playing the woodsball and big/scenario games. I remember playing at my old teams field, around 15ish or so years ago, and standing out in the open, bushes or trees at least 20 feet from me, and shooting people left and right. Literally. One of my team mates was reffing that day, and he was so pissed off that I was standing there, shooting four out of the 10 or so people in a group, while wearing a black, white, silver, and mostly neon green Axo motorcross jersy, matching gloves, a black Spectra mask that had been cut down a bit (Like the old school pros used to do before NPPL made them not modify their masks), and a jester hat that had green (Not neon) and purple to it.

If I play with walk-ons that don't play that much, not a problem wearing that kind of an outfit. But, when I play with people that have a clue, in a tournament, or lately at big games, camo helps.
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just carry one of these everywhere!

or have them make you a jump suit out of it. everyone laughs until you disappear.
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Most paintball games are to fast paced for slow moving tactics and camo

If your crawling threw thick ish woods the right camo can help but lens glares or shiny gun gives them away or a gun sound signature.
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