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People over estimate the value of black. Black is not a camouflage color in natural environments. Unless you are in an urban environment, black CAN NOT be found in natural surroundings in large patches (as in woodland camo). Vietnam era tigerstripe, as it was originally printed is predominately black and green. -BUT- once Vietnam era tigerstripe is worn in the black ink fades revealing the tan/brown fabric the uniforms were printed on, it appears to be a grey/purple/brown color that is not as harsh/contrasting as the original black/green print.

Why is black, especially solid black not a camo color? It creates a clear, strong silhouette of the human figure that contrasts to the natural environment (even in the dark). The human eye is best at spotting movements and it is good at recognizing the human figure (or parts of it). Black accentuates your shape and makes your movements easily recognizable because of the contrast to your natural environment.

worst to best camo colors:

(bright) yellow,orange,red
bright green
med. to dark grey
(dark) maroon, purple,blue,etc.
tan, olive, brown, etc.

(not necessarily perfect, open to discussion. obviously the composition of colors is important to the ability of a pattern/color to blend/stand out)

Originally Posted by The Inflicted View Post
Has anyone tried experimenting with "pattern breaker" jerseys and masks painted in red, blue, or white, to match the bunkers you're playing among?

Might work, but it would have to be large patches of color to be effective. Those break up patterns are on large machines, not individual persons.
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Yes however if your playing in a multitude of seasons and environments than black is a actually one of the better shades. And how is it it doesn't blend in the woods. Last time I checked the woods are full of shadows which is last time I checked are black
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They are only black if you play on a moonless night, but i'd think medium to darker tones of grey might work well
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Shadows aren't black. They're just the absence of direct light on a particular spot, thereby subduing the colors of whatever it is you're looking at. But it's not black.

The only things you're going to find in the woods that are black are VERY rich soil (i.e. worm poop), rotting wood, or mold. And you're probably guaranteed to not find enough of that to create a shape that is as large as a person.

Black isn't even that great at night.
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^Exactly. Black contrasts too much against everything else and doesn't properly exist in nature. You are far better off with dark greens, browns, or greys.
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Agreed but since I prefer solid colors for my chest rig since nothing looks more tacky than two different kinds of camo in patterns. I chose black for my harness and belt and pouches
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Even on a scenario field there are plenty of bunkers and objects that are brightly colored usually left over from what is the tourney field during normal non events days so I fail to see why it's a big deal
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Camo is tacticool though. Isn't that what really matters, guys?

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Dont forget about his ninja like military training. Those remf's sure are good
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I will add a couple of things.

The field I play at now is heavily geared towards woodsball. I always wear camo, but mostly it's just because it's cheap. I have a nat. gear long sleeve shirt and hat that I bought together for $18, and camo cargo pants that were $7. Usually I don't think they give me much of an advantage.

However, this past weekend there was a large scenario game which opened up all the fields into one large field. I managed to sit about 2 feet off the trail, hunkered down and barrel tagged several people. At the same time, there was another guy on my team who tried the same thing....wearing a gray hoodie. He was shot almost as soon as the other team rounded the corner. He was about 15 feet away from me...and while they spotted him and shot him, they walked right past me. The nearest bunker was probably at least 100 yards away. After I those guys, I kept sitting still waiting for a new victim. One got close, but still over 30 feet away. I took a shot, and the brush broke my paint. The opposing player then proceeded to open fire on the trees and brush 10-15 feet to my obviously I was still hidden to him, even though I was looking right at him. I can't definitively say my camo helped...maybe it was just because I was being still, or they just the less observant players...I don't know - but I'm confident that even if it didn't help, it sure didn't hurt.

About 25 minutes later...I got closer to the fort the other team was trying to hold. My camo was ineffective at that point, since I was near bunkers and other off colored background; as well as my quicker movements to get behind a bunker.

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