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I'm Stock Classy!
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Originally Posted by eddiet View Post
Is the spirit of stock class worth the hassle of stock class?
If by "the hassle of stock class" you mean having to deal with unsportsmanlike conduct, then perhaps you should reconsider the format of the games you are playing.

The "Big Game" format has always been a breeding ground for cheating on multiple levels (wiping, ramping, overshooting, etc, etc.). Just like how the competition of tournaments can bring out the worst in some people, the same is true for big games/scenario games. There are just too many selfish D-bags who play this game with a "win-at-all-costs" mentality. The low ref-to-player ratio at big games gives these individuals the opportunity to throw sportsmanship into the toilet. Once this happens, it ruins an otherwise fun time for everyone else.

I'm betting you're not coming across too many players armed with stock-class equipment at these games who are cheating, are you?

Before you sell off your stock-class equipment and write off stock-class play, why don't you try playing a purely stock-class game? After all, upgrading to a new marker isn't going to stop people from cheating. The true spirit of stock-class embodies honor, sportsmanship and fun above all else. I think that once you align yourself with like-minded players who aren't "in it to win it" then you'll really start to see what the spirit of stock-class is all about.
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It depends. Do you need to mow muppets, shoot lasers and hear the lamentations of your enemies women to have fun?

I know I don't.
Originally Posted by agentSmith View Post
oldschool play is about sportsmanship and respect, oldschool gear is available on Ebay.
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Christian Baller
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I'm planning on getting a phantom for some rec ball and scenario games!
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I played my first scenario with my retro and had a blast clearing castles and being a major pain in the butt for the other team. Who cares if you get shot out when theres continuous respawn.
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This is my plan next year!

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Post Whore
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Originally Posted by Greenmtnphantom View Post

I play SC even at West Point where I share the field with 50+bps full auto egos.

For some events I will be lazy and break out a 3.5oz but rarely a semiauto and I have yet to find an OC pump that I like.

As Glenn Palmer said the other day though. "Play the game not the gun." if you know people are cheating and not that they are just getting bounces be respectful and tell the refs so they can keep an eye out, they need your help. If you know that you will need to cover someone else while they move a lot, bring a gun that can handle a higher ROF when needed, and play it like a stock class gun when you aren't covering someone.
yes it is can be really fun. you find instants where better to have someone using stock class gun. let say you have pgp or really short barrel phantom that looks like pistol. makes easy for you do some special mission. since you do not need much to carry and can easily hide your gun and gear. lets say you need to take package or bomb. you do not have worry about having large heavy gun or gear to carry around. since your so light weight you can get around fast. also if just 12 grams and 10round tubes you make noise with gear. also make good body guard for mission too.
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Serious Business
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I actually play better with my PMI-I w/cooper t bolt than with my Angel AD2000.
I guess it's in the fire discipline...

I hear from others that I'm good at it, but I just go have fun.
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B-17 feedback
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other thing you should think about. is the challenge you get when play that way. also for got to point this out you make great medic too.
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yeah i feel you eddie. playing decay with stock class was a kind of downer. having a 1000 people on midsized courses really left no room to play. no medics because we were assigned death cards to respawn so speed wasnt essential. felt more like a sniper role more than anything. btw nice games of beer pong you guys had next to us those evenings haha.
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Ever play a decent size group, like 30v30 all stock class?
You should come to one of my events..

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