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As a ref, I will occasionally let people who have been friendly fired back into the game. It sucks being thrown in with trigger happy first timers who lob shots at anyone in front of them.

That said, I'll only do it if it was absolutely blatant, and I don't allow players to make the call. There are so many times when people have been snuck up on and flanked and are 100% sure that they've been friendly fired. You should always assume that it was an enemy if you can't see the guy who shot you.
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As said before, the really infuriating friendly fire is when it is so blatantly obvious that you're on the shooter's team such that they must have chosen to shoot you anyways.

I was standing, popping shots off with my pistol, when I turned and put my back to the cover I was at. I started to reload my mags, when a single shot hits me dead center of the chest. No other shots were fired, just this single one that was clearly for me. Standing in disbelief, I hear a half-hearted "sorry" come from the only cover behind me, a trench 30 feet away. There were no trees or anything that could have possibly made this guy think I was on the other team, plus my ribbon was CLEARLY visible to everyone back there. He was not shooting past me, because he only took one shot at my center of mass.

I will admit I lost my cool at this point and swore as I walked off the field, along the lines of "this is bullcrap, shot out by my own freaking team, AGAIN!" due to being shot out by my own team in 3 out of the last 5 games I played.
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If I'm playing with inexperienced players, I do everything possible to make sure I don't get teamkilled... so if it does happen, I just disregard it as an accident. It has occurred however, to be playing with someone so defficient that it happens more than once... and then it's very hard not to get a bit pissed off... but you gotta keep your calm rather than setting a bad example. I really, really hate it when people get upset on the field in a recreational game, and put my foot down when it happens to keep it from escalating.
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eh, paintballs lob ... it happens. Though, I would encourage new players to learn basic gun safety i.e finger off the trigger during off play. I think most friendly fire happens when people don't know when to shoot or not.
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Its a game. You were eliminated. You get to play again. Life happens
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I have it happen atleast once a day when playing with rentals/pickups. It urks me the most when i'm with a few guys (on a fairly open fort field) then i bump up to the next set of bunkers, start shooting around the side of it, then *wack* right in the back of my head..."oh sorry, i though b/c the color of your headwrap you were that one guy on the other team." And every time i reply, and the fact i was shooting UP their hill, at the other team, away from you didn't clue you in?

Though, as a veteran play, i will admit i've had my own share of team kills. But in most of those situations, its rather safe than sorry, and as long as we win the game its alot easier to ask forgiveness. When you lose...well, watch your

I think i even had 1 or 2 from TWC this year in Michigan. Last year when i was outside the wall of one of the forts, in a peaking match with the guy inside/up-the-stairs, then got lit up by atleast two friendlies who were approaching the base.

I just remind ppl after they shoot me, is next time, pay more attention to the direction our line is moving, and which way i'm pointed, looking, and moving. Also helps to note on which side of the bunker i was on...
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My mom is notorious for shooting me an my brother in the back....when we are on her team. She has gotten much much better about it though. She only likes to play private games and we haven't had any good turn outs for private games in over a year though.
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Frustrating yes, life ending no. I have been shot as a Ref, millions of times. I have been shot by my own team even more then that. Once the player on my team shot me one inch below the orange armband for our team and swore he couldn't tell which team I was on. Oh well it happens.
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Originally Posted by nickydp33 View Post
My mom is notorious for shooting me an my brother in the back....when we are on her team.
Accidentally. (dodgy goes here)

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Friendly fire happens even on a small scale games.

It is still fun to be shot at to get the adrenaline going. On multiple occasion's on the same day i had to deal with friendly fire while i was wearing a TIE-DYE SUIT that i made. My team was bunker-ed down around a building and the other team was entrenched in bunkers. There was no doubt which team i was on.

Yet I somehow managed to take the flanking position and crept around behind the other teams position. I cleared out two players trying to use the same gully area i was to sneak around. Once behind their main line which was pushed up like a battle in the patriot. I stood up dusted myself off and acted like i belonged to the team attacking my guys.

At that point my team was heavily confused and started yelling at each other asking if the guy in the tie-dye suit was on their team. At that moment five of my guys try-ed lighting me up.

Luckily I was able to slip behind a tree till they realized I was on their team and walked up behind the enemy team of 5 and shot them down the line.

I wish i had video of that game.
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