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FreeEnterprise 10-11-2012 01:44 PM

Friendly fire discussion... Yeah, it happens, lets actually TALK about it.
So the boarder agent who was killed a few weeks back was killed by friendly fire... And in paintball, especially woodsball, where people are disappearing in the woods, this is an issue.

It is one of the reasons I like to roll by myself, as I don't have others who see me and think I may be on the other team, and shoot at me.

If you would rather watch what happened click the link before you read further.

Watch 9/29/12 Game 5 We push HARD up the middle and I am the first into their camp... | Trails Of Doom Episodes | Blip

Here is the mobile version
9/29/12 Game 5, My team attacks the middle, HARD. Woodsball Paintball at Trails of Doom - YouTube

At our recent game, my group pushed hard up the middle of the field, and flew into the other teams camp, I was on the flank rounding up the guys that were shooting at my guys from the angle, so I was first into their camp.

I shot out a few and started my push towards the flag, and then it happened.

I pushed through some brush, and as I was stepping into the clearing, I saw a paintball marker swing in my direction. I could only see camo, and I knew, I had a split second to decide... So I fired. Taking out two players, as they fired back.

When they both called out, I ran and got the flag, and then realized, THEY WERE MY GUYS... (they had run all the way around the field and into the back side of the other teams base).

I felt like a jerk, but I seriously couldn't see their colors (Our red colors are a band of fabric, that has twisted up over the years, making it hard to see).

A game or two later, and I was in a group when one of our first time players shot at our own team members, who fired back at the guys in the open... which was ME, and my buddy Shawn. So I got paid back pretty quickly for my friendly fire...

But, in the woods, or at scenarios, it is often really hard to see team colors. I have let players walk past me before, as I wasn't sure which team they were on...

I have been hit many times by friendly fire, and pretty much just expect it as part of the game.

What do you think?

Dono 10-11-2012 01:51 PM

There's really nothing you can do at all, except apologize IMO. A few weeks ago I lit up a teammate and felt so bad I just talked the refs into letting me call out and keeping him in.

A few games later some guy lit another teammate up but refused to say sorry.. People are so stubborn. Maybe it's just my paintball world of rainbows and friendship.

Murf425 10-11-2012 01:58 PM

I just hate the people who are complete idiots about it. Two weekends ago at a scenario game, I snuck all the way up within 20 yards of the other team's base, in the midst of a firefight. I was standing behind a tree, waiting for my next chance to move...when someone on my team came up and shot me 3 times in the back.

Use your head. If you're the last one to show up to a fight that's been going on for over an hour, and you're approaching from your own side, odds are that any BACKS YOU SEE are on your team.

uv_halo 10-11-2012 02:00 PM

In random pickup games it's bound to happen.

As a matter of fact, when you're a lone wolf, it's more likely to happen- i.e. you move to relocate in a firefight, friendlies who can't see your opposition, hear shooting and then see you running towards them... I think you can figure out the rest. In my case, I just accept that it's going to happen. The times where I get annoyed are when my armband is fully exposed (i.e. no brush to block line of sight), and shot from behind which demonstrates the individual didn't even try to ID before shooting.

Murf425 10-11-2012 02:01 PM


Originally Posted by Dono (Post 2501331)
There's really nothing you can do at all, except apologize IMO. A few weeks ago I lit up a teammate and felt so bad I just talked the refs into letting me call out and keeping him in.

Last time I played at my local field, we were defending the castle in an attack/defend game. I was on the top floor and, right when the whistle blew, this kid on my team* shot me point blank right in the back of the thigh. I went down the stairs and headed off the field and the ref asked if I'd been hit already. I told him what happened and he responded with, "Nah, that's bull****. Get back up there and keep playing." I finished the game, and the kid just kept apologizing over and over again the whole time we were shooting/being shot at. Seemed like he was scared I was going to toss him over the wall or something.

*He was about 14 and had a brand new PMR that I'd literally watched him take out of the sealed box that morning before play started. Obviously didn't know how to use or control it yet.

NoForts4Me 10-11-2012 02:11 PM

Eh, it happens. I've been shot by friendly fire, I've shot people on my team accidentally. The last time I played a guy unloaded on myself and a few kids I had with me, and I stitched him pretty good. He was on our team. We just both laughed about it.

JLuke 10-11-2012 02:21 PM

Get shot in the back of the head off the break quite a few time with beginner/intermediat players, ignore it and keep playing, it's just a rec game.

And friendly fire happens, just part of the game. Situations are as follows

You shoot teammate, they dont know who shot them, ignore it and keep playing

You shoot temmate and they know it was you, apologize and offer a swap out, you go out and let them stay in.

Shoot teammate on purpose in the back, laugh at them, wipe it off and keep playing.

Bigtuana 10-11-2012 02:22 PM

I haven't played at a big field in a while, but when playing rec air ball I am sure that before the break I explicitly tell the folks on not to shoot me while I run to the snake or some other bunker in front of them.

...I still get shot by team mates all the time. They are usually oblivious to it.

On your end of the spectrum, I guess all you can do is apologize. I'd rather be safe than sorry because what if they weren't on your team?

Also, if I ran to the other side of the field I'd be sure to waive at my team mates on the other side whom I can identify.

Bigtuana 10-11-2012 02:23 PM


Originally Posted by JLuke (Post 2501373)
wipe it off and keep playing.

Just like the cool kidz!

owenator 10-11-2012 02:24 PM

Its bound to happen when you're playing with rentals and people you dont know, and all you can do is apologize.

I have a pretty funny friendly fire story, my team was lined up playing airball, keep in mind this was a team i had been playing with for a few months, and as the whistle blows i start to run out to snake. I take maybe one or two steps, and my friend identically point-blanks me in the back of the head a couple times. Some how i still manage to make my bunker, and my head is clean O.O I have it on video, and you can hear me cuss out my teammate lol

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