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Is the BPS race over?

With current caps on the limit of fire is the BPS race over in paintball? If it is where was its apex and what marker was the "winner" so to speak? What has it been replaced by?
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Yes. With many of the leagues going to capped ROF, the gun designers seem to be focusing more on weight, effeciency and reliability. Also, I know many of the insurance companies have adjusted their policies with ROF cap stipulations.

I feel the peak of the arms race came with the emergence of the HALO and improvements in board technology right around the 2002-2004 mark. This was when the BL Timmies and DMs ruled the PSP and NPPL.

From my experience, I would say the Timmy or the DM4 took the arms race to its peak.
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I think 30 was the be all end all wasn't it?
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Seconded. Hence forth this is to be the official nomenclature of marker sales. Violators will be violated.
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Good question. I hope the bps race is over.

I remember when the "Hayabusa" motorcycle came out. Out of the showroom it could hit 200 mph! Then all of the Japanese motorcycle manufacturers had a meeting. They agreed to never build another 200 mph bike, and limited themselves to 180-something. 200 mph, they reasoned, was just too dang fast for a street bike.

Perhaps the paintball industry has had a Hayabusa moment - or that moment has been thrust upon them.
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I think that as we move towards a capped BPS in almost every major tournament series that yes the BPS war is well and truly over. I remember yea between 2002 and 2006 or so the BPS race was on guns were getting faster and faster loaders technology was increasing to meet that demand and I think at the end of it the Timmies and DM's took the BPS race to it's height with a few uncapped ramping markers capable of 35+ with paint goldwaved and confirmed. I think now players aren't even looking for faster shooting markers but more so air efficiency, smooth shooting and quiet not to be mention quality of manufacture mean more.

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Yeah loved that...200 is too fast for a bike...but 180 is not....that was the safe speed determined that there would be enough left of you to potentially identify when you were in an 200 there was nothing left.
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For all practical purposes, given the limits imposed by leagues, and most fields' prohibition on full auto, it doesn't look like the top tier (or heck, the top, middle, and bottom tiers) of electronic markers are really any different in terms of BPS. I mean, look at the "what do you mean it's not a high end?" thread. Markers in the $200-400 price range shoot just as fast as the latest $1k+ super high end whatever-just-came-out. Might be other benefits to the high end product, but ROF isn't one of them.
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Yes, over. Winner? Debatable, but I'd give it to the RT Automag simply because they got 30+ bps first, consistently, and almost anyone could get that high with it. There were highly modified Ego's, Ion's, and DM8's that could do 40+, but they weren't easily accessible by the general public. Anybody could have bought (and still can buy) an Automag RT + Ninja SHP/Max Flo + Reloader B Halo/Q Loader. Would have been interesting to have seen what the mQ's were fully capable of (ie. they could cycle up to 100cps from what I remember).
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I too believe the race is over in overall BPS, but I think you will still see a true semi ROF race and in the areas already mentioned.
The Angel AR:K with up to 54 BPS is the fastest marker I have experience with. With a modified Rotor, I myself was able to get 51 BPS out of it. The AR:K was 100% stock.
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It's definitely over, and I'll go so far as to say that there really wasn't any winner. Not the companies, not the fields, not the players. The arms race did a lot of damage. Granted, I think we're starting to recover now but there are still douchenozzles out there carrying the "3-4 cases per day against renters" torch for sure.
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