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No Mercy Ever 10-23-2012 12:56 PM

Just saw this on the Nation: TAG Paintball broken into:

This past weekend when I arrived at the paintball field I work at (TAG Paintball , Hollister, CA. We found that 6 of our shipping containers has been broken into as well our airsoft and team storage units. We had part of our rental fleet taken as well as several of our classic markers that were in storage for the museum we planned on building.... below is a list of the markers we have found to be missing as well as some of our other gear. If you see some of these markers pop up on craigs list or ebay please let me know via PM or Direct email at or email the field owner Roland at


-Brand new Empire Sniper Green
-WGP Ranger
-WGP Sight Ranger
-A Grey Ghost
-Brown Camo F1 Illustrator
-6 Rentals: Piranhas w/300 round hopper, 48ci 300opsi tank

We also got hit for personal property as well as our power tools... so much for getting our new field finished.....

Thank you for your help
So keep the CL eyes open in the Hollister area.

tagroland 10-23-2012 01:12 PM


Originally Posted by No Mercy Ever (Post 2513279)
So keep the CL eyes open in the Hollister area.

Thanks for posting this No Mercy Ever.

One of the shipping containers they sacked was our MUSEUM
I have been collecting 'unobtainium' specimens for years.

Almost everything was either NIB condition or unique one-of-a-kind specimens.
Mainly 'wall-hangers' to display paintball history for posterity sake.

We are still doing an inventory sweep of the missing contents
(Dear Lord, this is painful. It is taking a lot to hold it together)

Some of these were kept from our long history:
Bushmaster Deluxe, from '91 Black Diamonds, 2nd place World Champions.

Some were my personal guns:
Custom made PPS Super Stocker, off set feed, Battle Pump, Plated Grip with PMI rubber, Plated 12gr changer, Spiral Vented, etc.

This is the 3rd break-in 7 years.
Each cost a minimum loss of $15,000.

I simply can't explain the pain this has caused.
(I think 'Bullseye' has taken on a new meaning)

I am offering a handsome reward.
You will remain anonymous, if you want.

Personal Cell 408.426.0786
Roland Chick

HurtCow 10-23-2012 01:56 PM

Holy crap, Roland! I SO hate people sometimes.

I very much hope that you're able to recover the priceless items that were taken from you.

Axel 10-23-2012 06:56 PM

Do you have any photographs of some of the particularly unique items? I just mean, we can't call the cops because a Grey Ghost goes on sale, you know? And myself, I don't know what a '91 Black Diamond Bushmaster looks like. A picture of the camo Illustrator, if it's a unique pattern that could act like a finger print, could be GOLD.

May you catch the unmentionables who did this to you. To us. I for one would've loved to see that museum. :mad:

tagroland 10-23-2012 07:34 PM


Originally Posted by Axel (Post 2513638)
Do you have any photographs of some of the particularly unique items?

Axel, good point.
I have photos on another file.
Here's a list so far:
ACI - Air Concept Industries Maverick Deluxe 269725 ???? NIB
AGA - Air Guns of America AGA 62 none 1984 92% logo intact (Adventure Game of America)
Armson Armson Semi 962429 1997 98% Made in South Africa
Brass Eagle Barracuda none 1989 93%*
Crosman 3357 Spotmarker none 1987 NIB
Crosman 3357 Spotmarker none 1987 98% (conversion), blk grips/gold trigger
Daystate Sam Patriot 2822 ???? 98% needs: oem screws/door grip
FAST F1 Illustrator 7985 1991 100% Factory Anno-Desert Camo, w/o box/paper
FAST F1 Illustrator xxx 1991 100% Factory Anno-Woodland Camo, w/o box/paper
GFR Inc GZ 1000 P 16981 1990 NIB
Gurn Z .555 Mega BB E-49555 ???? NIB (nice serial #)
Icon Splatmaster C2110 ???? 98% Black
Line SI Bushmaster none 1987 91% (early) q/c, missing door grip
Line SI Bushmaster Deluxe none 1988 96% (late) asa
Line SI Bushmaster Deluxe none 1988 85% (early) CA style, Burt Field's gun
Line SI Promaster M2070112 1991 90% receiverbubbling/needs:barrel, oemscrews
Montneel Designs Icon Z-1 #0334 1992 94% (#10883)
Nelson Paint Company Nel-Spot 007 none 1984 100% w/o box/paper
Nelson Paint Company Challenger II none 1988 98%
NSG - National Survival Games Splatmaster H 81002 1984 NIB green box w/ goggles
NSG - National Survival Games Splatmaster D19442 1984 NIB green box w/o goggles
NSG - National Survival Games Splatmaster C 89532 1984 NIB clear plastic display case
NSG - National Survival Games Rapide NONE!! 1988 90% (clear and blue) Display Model w/ box & paper
NSG - National Survival Games Rapide L 89682 1988 NIB
NW Sales Spitfire S 1605 1986 NIB, Knurled Aluminum*
NW Sales Spitfire S 2197 1986 95% few buggered areas, plastic pump*
NW Sales Spitfire II S 2135 1989 92% plastic pump
Palmers Pursuit Shop Super Stocker PS 87 ???? 100% plated grip & q/c, Battle pump, PMI grip
PMI - Pusuit Marketing Inc Traccer 114 ???? 100%
RAM - Real Action Markers M-1 M11139 ???? 90% .43 cal
Sheridan PG NONE!! 1982 NIB (no box)
Sheridan PGP D 015774 1983 ANIB knurled alum grip, brn, S, w/ box/paper
Sheridan PGP #999703397 ??? *NIB latest version 1K 'rounded' delrin
Sheridan PGP (2K) 5G4701341 ??? *NIB 2K
Sheridan PGP ???? 1983 85% rental, 'square' delrin, blk
Sheridan PMI Pursuit Pistol I019117 1987 97% knurled alum grip, brn P
Sheridan P-12 I 111795 ???? NIB S blk, delrin
Sheridan PMI-II I 059743 ???? NIB P blk, alum
Sheridan PMI-II I 047874 ???? NIB P blk, alum
Sheridan PMI-II I 047853 ???? NIB P blk, alum
Sheridan 68 Magnum I 062704 1988 98%alum grip/rail, worn blk P sticker/asa
Splatmatic XJ 40 none ???? NIB 40 cal
Tippmann SMG-60 HT S400 1987 96% ext gas line
Tippmann SMG-60 1558 1987 96% internal gas line
Tippmann SMG-60 Sniper B 9190 1987 90% painted, innovative feed system
Tippmann 68 Special 1860 1989 98% (non-conversion)
Tippmann Pro Am 14691 ???? 70% (late) w/ case
Tippmann Pro Am #02374 ???? 99% early (plastic grip)
Ultra Sport Arms Patriot JE02273 ???? 96%*
WGP - Worr Game Products Ranger 2389 1989 99% w/ box w/o paper
WGP - Worr Game Products Ranger xxx 1989
WGP - Worr Game Products Ranger (Site) xxx 1989 99% Polished internals
WGP - Worr Game Products Sniper III 6106 1994 NIB
WGP - Worr Game Products Flatline Cocker 83408 ???? NIB w/o box/paper*
WWP - World Wide Paintball Black Widow none 1990 89% Rental c/a

Appreciate the help!!

DocsMachine 10-23-2012 11:52 PM

They stole all of those?!? That sounds like an "inside" job to me- meaning somebody knew what was in there, and where it was stored. Your "whodunnit" list needs to start with people who knew about all of that.

And, just as a preemtive covering, I have a similar very rare desert camo Illustrator, including the matching 7-oz tank and barrel. I've had it for over ten years, and I dusted it off this summer hoping to fix it up over the winter. So if I show pics, I didn't swipe yours. :D


c6quad 10-24-2012 12:15 AM

wow!!! so sorry to hear this Roland! man i hope these get found.

i agree with Doc. sounds like someone knew what was in there.

Axel 10-24-2012 07:19 PM

Yeah, that doesn't sound like a couple of nervous crackheads looking for a quick pawn. Invest in a couple of CCTV cameras, and maybe don't mention it to the staff, if that's legal in your area. :(

tagroland 10-30-2012 07:02 PM

Doc/Chad: We narrowed down the list of suspects a bit.
Axel: We are are working on that as we speak

I just updated the above posted list
(found some stashed away in another conex, yahoo).

What really hurts my heart is the 'unobtainium' older stuff that is worthless on the field to play with (and was in NIB condition). Maybe worth $60 on ebay.

Once the perps discover that they are unique and worthless in the marketplace...chances are they will dispose of them (Ugh!).

I have talked with reformed thieves to get into the mindset, very disturbing but enlightening. Bottom line: I was a target of opportunity. They really didn't know what to take. (yes, one of the crew did play paintball at TAG to guide them a little) but hap hazard.

I feel myself turning into 'that crotchety old man' that trust no one now. I see myself suspecting everyone. Bummer.

Today is another day and I am starting the rebuilding process all over again.


punisher068 10-30-2012 07:13 PM

Such a bummer,scumbags probably didnt even know what they took.I play at alot of "outlaw" fields and other local public fields in the santa cruz/monterey bay area too,definately keep an eye out for you,some pretty unique pieces there so theyll be hard to miss,really hope you get them back
BTW still miss your old field in Felton where I live,played with Santa Cruz Paintball and Marauders(my current) teams there around 1995
PS posted link on my Facebook as I contact local players there

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