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Haven't played in 8.5 months. Not really missing it. I mean, I do and I don't. I miss the game, but not the way it's played anymore.
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Originally Posted by B-17 View Post

/entertainment for the next 20+ years
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I always try to keep things fun, or do something different, since I play with first time players a lot I try to make it fun as possible. Like shown here.

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Played both days this weekend.

Yesterday was a VERY woodsbally field. Fun times with old friends at a new place. Shot my S6, and borrow a friends Crossover and DM7.

Today I decided to play again. Friend was celebrating a birthday at the usual field. Shot my S6, and a friends Cyborg RX and the previously mentioned DM7. I also tried out the new eNMEy. (posted my thoughts in the review thread) Had fun again, but with the weather quickly changing I can see myself easily not played for another 3-4 weeks.

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Originally Posted by Bored383 View Post
mattee . . . you play paintball like you are Wash

. . . getting suddenly eliminated when it is least expected

ROFL!!!!!! This is an epic quote. TOTALLY sig worthy!!! Well played sir!

And yes, was hoping for another Firefly thread TT
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...I think there are all times we walk away (or set the game down) for a while. This year, I have sold several markers, my S6 gets almost all of the playing time. You need friends when you go out and play, it makes a huge difference.

At least keep the one marker you really like for when you play again!
Originally posted by heinous: "sniper's gun always gets extra camera love"
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I run out of gas from time to time, when that happens, I usually just give away my favorite markers to new players to use.

If I'm not going to be playing, I'm still going to show up to the events as much as possible to help out the new players and let them use my personal markers so they can put down their rental and try a fun customized marker.
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