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just putting this out there. I need two pgp fasst changers and a pgp rva if anyone is putting some up for the sale. I will be a work for most of thanksgiving and black friday to rack up some holiday pay and overtime. wont have much of a chance to check the threads

so, to recap, Im down for being on the spending side.
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I'm thinking about selling the UR nelspot.

I took some pictures but I'm still not sure.
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is my hero
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Thinking of putting my Nasty Typhoon out there...
Originally Posted by Nyxd View Post
...just following the natural paintball life cycle. Young with no money and drooling over all the nice toys ---> Old with toy money and no time to play.

Feedback thread:
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I've been accumulating a little too much stuff lately and have a few things to pare down this year...

I'm thinking Line SI bushmaster, Apex Elite, Lapco Spectre, Dark Freeflow 'cocker, Dragon Timmy, and miscellaneous mag and 'cocker bits (AIR valve, a couple mag bodies, various HPRs, a 32 degrees (Freeflow) 'cocker body kit, bolts, valves, pneus, etc.). Perhaps even a nice little non-cartridge valve PGP if I find time to put it back together (took it apart to replace the seals).

...And I'm always looking for more.
MCB feedback
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I'll have some gift-grade items that I'll be putting up (DVDs, portable DVD player, poker chips, headphones, etc.). All pictures are already taken - just gotta write some threads up!
My Feedback
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Originally Posted by Long Beard View Post
Last year I believe I had 3 threads. A pump thread, a misc. thread. and a semi-thread. I think. I'm planning another 2 or 3 for this year. I'm spending most of today working on it.
I am more than excited to see them!
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I'm so excited. Even if none of my stuff sells, I just love watching markers turn up and get shuffled.
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I am down for putting up a couple of CCM's.
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is the section only going to be open for one day? wasn't it open for a couple days last year?

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It was opened up Thursday night, and went through Monday.
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