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Originally Posted by The Flounder View Post
There are firearm-->airsoft conversion kits now?
What a terrible idea.

However, as local affiliate WKMG explains, the customers aren't using live ammunition. Owner Dave Kaplan gives visitors a choice: He can modify your own gun or you can rent an airsoft gun from the store.

"A revolver would work the same, semi auto, the action actually cycles. There's full recoil with the weapon. The assault weapon fully cycles," Kaplan said.
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I like how this thread has taken a turn to actual incredible places that people have played.
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Sitting in class in my High school I always think of how cool it would be to play there. My school is two story with 3 staircases and the lower level is fairly large with a wing for the gyms and cafeteria and big classrooms. That would be my dream place to play, especially since I would know the best spots!

On a more fantasy level I would love to play at some of the trail systems we dirtbike on, but while on a bike. You could play a much bigger field since you aren't on foot and it would involve shooting and riding skills.
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There's an abandoned half-built mall about 1/2 hr south of Sac on Hwy 99 that I would love to run a game at.

I DID play here a few years ago. It's an old silver mining facility in the desert outside of Virginia City in Nevada:

This is Craig P that day:

But then this happened:

Everybody loves me!

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I worked at a sawmill in high school. Always thought that would make for an amazing environment. Lots of catwalks, multiple levels, a bunch of cover.
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Originally Posted by HurtCow View Post
But then this happened:
-Happened to us, too.

There was a junkyard just outside of town, right alongside the highway. Old cars, junked bulldozers, a collapsed mobile home, an old log cabin crammed full of junk, piles of of building materials that were covered with moss...

It made for a great field.

The group thought they had permission. Apparently the son had asked his dad if they could play there, and dad had apparently assumed "they" meant maybe four or five friends, and said okay.

However, granddad actually owned the place, and took offense to thirty-some-odd people showing up, and possibly damaging the old cars he was going to fix up one of these days (and which had six-inch diameter trees growing through. )

He showed up with a State Trooper, and was pissed off. Apparently the only thing that kept the game organizers from being arrested was the fact that yes, they did technically have permission. (I found out about it at the last minute, and was only there with my camera getting pictures. Gramps threatened to have it confiscated as "evidence", though. The trooper kind of rolled his eyes at that... )

Anyway, we wound up the game- there were still two dozen people on the woods when the guy showed up- and everybody packed up and left. Kind of a pity, as it was, as I said, a great place to play, but I do also understand the old guy's point of view.

'Course, about two years later, the property was cleared of all the junk (almost all of it going to the scrap-metal recycler) and put up for sale. I figure that grandpa passed away, so the family had it cleaned out so it could be sold.

Now, as for places I'd like to play in, how about Fort Jefferson? It's a huge pre-Civil-war island fort 70 miles off the coast of Florida. Miles of hallways, hundreds of rooms, dozens of buildings. Hold the scenario game to end all scenario games.

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Played in a corn maze one year... That was an awesome game, though poorly ref'd Lots of overshooting and people shooting super hot... 360 +

One of my team mates was shot with one of the hot markers... Hole through his BDU pants, and shell more than a half inch into his leg. We called it quits just after this happened.

Places I would like to play...

Fort Carroll in the Patapsco River, Downstream from Baltimore Harbor, Fort McHenry and North of the Key Bridge.


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OH-EM-GEE! ^^^^ That would be the coolest of the cool.

I used to play at an old car factory (Packard, I think) in Detroit. It was a hoot!

Was called Splatball city. From what I understand, something (an engine block?) fell through the ceiling of one of the fields.
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Originally Posted by The Inflicted View Post
There are firearm-->airsoft conversion kits now?
What a terrible idea.

Saw a news story this morning about this. They are using law enforcement training rounds not airsoft like the article mentions.
Originally Posted by Mar View Post
No one is judge/jury/executioner here.
Originally Posted by Harbinger[TG] View Post
I must have missed that memo

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When I drive out to Fort Worth I pass some kind of plant/warehouse for concrete pipes. It's acres of pipes, stacks of small ones, giant ones you could drive a car through, all kinds of them, everywhere.

Every single time I think about it. Now when we see it my wife rolls her eyes and says "oh man, I wish we could play paintball there just one time blah blah blah."

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