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I think its a bit over the top to really complain about this assuming that it is made right.

That being said I understand the frustration. I will buy a Dye pack because they produce the one I want. That being said I would be bothered if a pack that costs more than most others had this type of problem. This one was pretty obvious and should have been caught at numerous points.
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Originally Posted by 1996XJ View Post
PPS markers are made in the U.S., does that make them reliable?
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Originally Posted by Droop View Post
I don't understand, did this become the complaint department?
First it was dye products, now its "fanbois" (is that french?).
You were given three polite responses to your outlandish post, and now you are name calling the people who helped you. Class act.
Can't say I blame him when the first response he gets accuses him of starting a witch hunt, along with calling his post outlandish.

There is nothing wrong with his first post. He paid high dollar expecting a high quality piece of gear and was confronted with subpar gear with a serious lack of quality control. He has every right to be pissed off.

All of that said, unless something was bought online it should always be checked out thoroughly before leaving a store. Obviously, that isn't an option when buying from an online retailer.
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happened to me once. i just learned to sew. it's just less difficult than calling and making the clerk feel bad.
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Yes, that is a joke ---->
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Originally Posted by Rover Lead View Post
I posted it on pbn and immediately got 2 responses. Squeaky wheel gets the grease. So far it just looks like fanbois getting their panties in a bunch on here...
The nail that sticks out, gets hammered. So what were the responses you got from dye? Free stuff or go to hell?
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I stopped buying Dye stuff this year. Had three different soft goods rip at the seams before I even played a game with it.
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Originally Posted by Rover Lead View Post
I'm sure glad I asked for martix's opinion though
I'm a HUGE dye fanboy, thanks for notiing. I own DAM, and every single year of the DM marker, I thoroughly run over every piece of DYE gear daily, because they're always flawless. (I'm up to 63 pieces of soft gear and 3 I4's!) I have Dave Youngblood on speed dial, just in case. (one time he shipped me pants with a snag in it, I called him ASAP and he sent me new ones for free)

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you're a paintballer, and a member of this forum, meaning you're most likely resourceful, and know how to handle things like an adult. A quick hit with a sewing machine or needle/thread by hand would take care of this. If you can't go that route, a quick call or email to the manufacturer will get this taken care of. I've had a few pieces of gear end up bad, or showed up broken and I didn't go airing my grievances on forums about it. You can't check everything over at a 100% success rate, everything made will eventually be shipped with some sort of overlooked flaw.

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Originally Posted by xgunslingerx View Post
I stopped buying Dye stuff this year. Had three different soft goods rip at the seams before I even played a game with it.
...and we're not exactly their favorite people in the world.
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Posting here was premature if Dye hasn't been contacted. I despise outsourcing and the only Dye product I own is a set of grips on a second-hand Mag, but I'm not really sure what OP is trying to accomplish with this thread.

Call Dye, and report back. If they tell you to pound sand then I'll join the hater chorus. Remember though, if you make yourself an annoyance, human inclination is to do just enough to get you to go away. If a customer was courteous, I'd go to bat for 'em with management, when I had one of those jobs. Otherwise, I'm very sorry sir, but policy is policy. I'll be sure to register your complaint.
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Wait, whoever said Dye makes good soft gear in the first place? I always thought of Dye as the yen to RAP4's yang. Dye makes outstanding hard goods; RAP4 doesn't. Dye makes overengineered, costly soft goods with useless "features" and has QC problems; RAP4 is again the opposite - cheap, tough as nails soft goods.

Besides, if you want anything done right, especially in the realm of paintball soft gear made in quota-busting factories, you have to order it custom or do it yourself.
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