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Originally Posted by Havoc-paintballer View Post
A freak barrel and a bored barrel are going to shoot the same since the ball is only touching the insert in either case.
SO not true. The ball is still accelerating after the insert, and the size of that bore along with the degree of porting is a big factor in extra velocity (which translates to air efficiency on most guns). And, once some paint breaks in that barrel, different sized step bores will act differently in terms of shooting through breaks... both of these are clear and observable factors in barrel performance.
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i have had bored barrels and freaks and even a barrel that was freak bored with the snazzy o-ring on the inside and as long as whoever does the boring does a good job there isn't much difference. it still doesn't make sense to me how putting a larger insert in a smaller bored one piece works but i was assured it does. i got all my huge barrels bored (.690+) and have never used a larger insert. but the freak was made for freak inserts so i trust it the most even though the only reason the o-rings are there on the inside is because of sloppy tolerances.
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Originally Posted by paintballsmrf View Post
[...]even though the only reason the o-rings are there on the inside is because of sloppy tolerances.
I wouldn't necessarily make that criticism unless you see a performance problem. A design that allows for wider tolerances without hurting performance is a superior design to one that requires precise (expensive) machining.

Personally, I wouldn't know, having only used inserts in Freak-brand backs.
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As a long time Freak user and a short time Freak bored barrel user, there really isn't that much difference in performance. I have a Stock Ion barrel that was bored and a regular Freak and the only advantage I have seen is the Freak is quieter.
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I got the stock barrel on my Omen bored just because I liked the look of the Driver barrel better than my SP ones. I really don't notice a difference in performance.
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I said freak bored, because I shoot aka guns primary and its just not right to put a freak on a viking. But it is nice to match your bore
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If I recall, stanchy will put an oring in a bored barrel if you'd like.
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Originally Posted by Talfuchre View Post
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If the stock barrel both suits the lines of the gun and is of high quality, I freak bore them.
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None of the above.

Inception barrel back made by alpha434 allows you to choose you back bore (via freak inserts), as well as allow you to choose the step bore (via cocker threaded barrels you already have). Or you could even get two inception backs and put them together for an even more customizable setup.
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Those look nice indeed.

But I don't care for aluminum.

Leaving off that part of it, however, it's a very cool design, and he seems to have some very happy customers. Too bad it isn't offered in stainless.
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