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I keep getting crazier...

HPA, N2, CO2, and regulators are all "Approved".

I have been thinking about the paint-use issue.

If you think about it, the set-up I have described is pretty much what most fields rent. So they would likely sell about as much paint as they would on a Rec-ball day (maybe a little more due to the competition, maybe a little less due to guys getting eliminated faster). I am also, very slowly, entertaining the notion of having unlimited paint. The fields in my area rent a harness and pods as part of the basic rental package, and that seems fairly standard so why not set that as the standard? So figure 4 pods in the harness at 140 balls each (560 balls) plus 200 max in the hopper, for a total of 760 paintballs (+/-). It would make the field owners happier, but is it TOO much paint?

One nice point about this style of competition is that it would not require the full resources of the field in question. Most places I go to have several small fields, rather than a single large field. In fact, most have a "Speedball" field or an area that could be used as a "Speedball" field. So, while the "tournament" is being played on the speedball field (or "mounds" or "The village", or whatever), the rest of the facility is open for normal rec-ball day. There would be a greater ref requirement but that could be offset by entry fees. On the other hand, you may have spectators… who may even want in on the action...

The more I ponder this, the more it begins to resemble “League Night” at the local bowling alley – but with less beer [shrug]. Yes, you can just use a ball from the rack and rent your shoes, but most participants eventually buy their own equipment. At the bowling alley, League Night means nearly-guaranteed customers, and sales of greasy food and watery drinks. At the paintball field, League Day would mean a slightly more reliable customer attendance and the sale of paint and burgers/pizza and maybe sports drinks.

So, what are these crazy people going to play for? What are the rewards?
1: Free “Day Passes” for the winners. Each member of the winning team would get so many days of free play (not including paint). Maybe even a SEASON pass for the top team in the league for the year.
2: “Buddy Passes”. Like a Day Pass, but they can’t be used by the League Members, but they can be given to friends, family, ex-wives/husbands, the barber, or whoever, who then come out and use up some paint (and maybe get hooked and come back for more abuse).
3: Certificates “Awarded to Team ‘Weazle Fart’ for placing second in the ‘LoRente’ paintball field summer ‘Blow-Back Cup’.”
4: Bragging rights (remember those)
5: Recognition in the “National Blow-Back Cup Website” (these kids love their interweb) – maybe a You’se Tube video of the award ceremony… Why the heck not, it’s flippin’ free.
6: Maybe (in a year or so) some nice swag from Tippmann, Kingman, Unity, Viewloader, GxG, or whoever. (You know… bumper stickers, T-shirts, comely lasses… whatever).
7: Coupons redeemable at the local paintball store (keep these people OUT of Wal-Mart).
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I'm digging a league night. If you have a weekend only field nearby you could work something out. Make it worth the owners' effort with a guaranteed customer base.

If you really want this to happen, run some trials, do it locally, report back here and if you succeed it might spread.

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I'll probably hit up CARNAGE paintball. They do some odd stuff over there - like Girls play "free", and pay less for paint. Plus for a group of 10+, they will open the joint on a weekday.
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Originally Posted by ironnerd88 View Post
People are going to "upgrade" their gun - that's just the nature of the beast. And they can do basically whatever they want, so long as the don't add e-grips, agitator hoppers, regulators, etc...
Found it. ^^ I knew I saw that somewhere in this thread, and wasn't crazy. I don't think this was intended to limit out the use of HPA, but it does limit the use of non-tank regulators/stabilizers.
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WHOA! I wrote THAT? I was clearly under the influence of controlled substances and uncontrolled women.

Nice catch - I re-read the whole thing to see if I had said that, and missed it.

I recant that anti-regulator statement - they would be permitted.

SO... the format I intend to sell to the field owners:

3-man, Race to 3 (teams switch sides after each game), Center Flag/elimination, round-robin.

Basically, ANY speedball field will work for this (thus the switching sides after each game).

Maybe semi-limited paint (500 ball max - 3x100-ball pods + 200 in hopper). Nicely a 1/4 case...
[This was edited - previously read 760 balls, 4x140 ball pods + 200 in hopper)]
[That was edited because I typed 706, instead of 760]
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Yes, that is a joke ---->
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Originally Posted by ironnerd88 View Post
May be limited paint (706 ball max - 4x140 pods + 200 in hopper).
Why 706?
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I think he meant to type 760. It's the booze talking again.
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Yes. Booze, and my lack of typing skills...

140 (pod cpy) x 4 = 560
+200 for the balls in the hopper, 760.

So a team of 3 guys would use more than a case if they all went max-paint.

Sorry 'bout that.

The good people at Kingman were able to send me a copy of the Spyder cup rules. Electros were allowed, but in semi-auto mode only. Someone mentioned earlier that the rules allowed ramping, but it turns out that they didn't. Other than having to use a Spyder, the rules are pretty close to those of other tournaments (either NPPL or PSP - can't remember which).

And (OY!) I don't get my tank back from hydro for another two weeks! So I get to play after Christmas??? Well, maybe I'll just test the T-cat on CO2. I need to set velocity on it and my nellie pumps anyway.
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League night at the bowling alley does something that we have not figured out how to do "well" yet in paintball. My sister (who is thrilled to break 100) bowls on a league with her boyfriend (who was two strikes away from a 300 game the other week). They both bowl on the same team, at the same time, against the same people. They both have fun.

Find me a way to get the paintballer with the equivilant skill of a 100 average and the paintball with the equivilant skill of a 240 average on the field at the same time and having fun consistently and you will have found a formula that field owners will clamor for
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I would also be thrilled to break 100. Again, could have something to do with all the beer and nachos...

Hmmm.... Might be more like baseball/softball than bowling…
Baseball has a lot of statistics. I mean a LOT! I had no idea until I looked it up.

From what I gather, MLB tracks the following
Batting average: Hits divided by At bats
Home Runs: hits on which the batter successfully touched all four bases, without the contribution of a fielding error.
Runs Batted In: number of runners who score due to a batters' action, except when batter grounded into double play or reached on an error
Slugging Average: Total bases achieved on hits, divided by at-bats
Stolen Bases: Number of bases stolen.
On-Base Plus Slugging: on-base percentage plus slugging average

This does not include PITCHING stats. Man… baseball people are weird – I respect that.

So what would we do for Paintball?
Elimination Average: Eliminations divided by games played, seems logical, but it would change depending on the size of the teams (I’m planning on 3, but other folks might like 5). So it seems that a ratio of the number of eliminations vs number of times eliminated would be good. Expressed as a whole number (similar to Batting Average) 1000, would be never eliminated, while 500 would be getting hit as often as you hit the other player.

Flag Hangs: Number of times the player has hanged the flag – basically Home Runs.

Flag Hang Average: Flag Hangs divided by games played.

Add to that "Games Played" and you have a mostly straight forward manner of keeping track of a player. Without having to keep track of TOO many stats.

Not as clean and simple as Bowling scores, but paintball is bit more complex – and a little faster. And it does open things up for more recognition. Highest FHA. Highest Elimination Average. People love to be recognized for stuff like this.

Just some thoughts...
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