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Local Fields New Promo Video

Ok I will start out by saying that I am in no way affiliated with this field. They do purchase some things from us but I have no stake in their operation....

That being said I good friend of mine did all the camera work in this and it came out really well. The one thing this field is notorious for is their lack of safety. People walking around in the staging area and party rooms without barrel covers on, overshooting (they play a game of "I QUIT" where you literally don't stop shooting until the other person says I QUIT) with all that would you play here? Is having a good time paramount to safety anymore?

The Urban Warzone 2012 - YouTube
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so you weren't kidding about "the one thing this field is notorious for is their lack of safety"

scene 1: only 2 people had barrel sock during the initial orientation, and it's not even the organizer, it's the girl, and some loud guy in the back.

very nice camera work though. it makes the whole video exciting.
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And yet... not the worst field video I have seen...

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Didn't like the lack of safety but liked the camera work and editing. Really showed that paintball is adrenaline filled.

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Liked the mix of rec, new, and experienced players

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Eh, this field does not strike me as a place I want to play, and I am within a two-hour drive.
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I find it funny in the first scene he mentions safety yet he lacks a barrel sock LOL
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But at least his finger is on the trigger.
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I don't like the general vibe I get from that video. The ref's all like 'safety....yeah breh' but seems more interested in his own video then the safety of the players. Camera work was good though.
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I honestly don't understand the reasoning behind using a full tournament set-up at a close quarters, indoor field against new players. We have an indoor field here that's similar, and there are a lot of guys that like to show up and hose paint. It completely kills the field. The management has tried to throttle that back by introducing a 10 bps ROF limit, and it's gotten better but still.
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