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Brass Monkey Customs
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Level 5 Automag. It was the best marker on the field, at the time.


Brass Monkey Customs

Brass Freak, Freak XL compatible and Equation inserts in .670, .678, and .685

Still selling brass tubing, with .678 barrel stock available!

My feedback: MCB - eBay - AO

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Not playing nearly enough
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My first high end was an '02 right feed Autococker with Oracle pneumatics and reg. I got it in 2003 as a happy to be divorced present to myself. Before that, I had been shooting Spyders, Piranhas, and pumps on a shoestring budget.

Nowdays the Oracle Cocker is a pump and my go-to high end is an AGD Tac-One Automag.
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In '99 I happened upon an SC Phantom that someone had ordered but never picked up from the NPS shop in Mantua, NJ. I think they let me have it for something ridiculous like $100 (because, in the words of the shop manager, "who the f$%* wants to play with a pump?"). I add a vertical air kit and a 45 frame and got at least one or two unbelievable eliminations per outing with that gun.

Then, a year or so later, after meeting Glenn Palmer at an event at Skirmish (one of the first "D-Day" games they hosted), I resolved to get a Blazer.

I still have a Phantom and Blazer, but not the two that I started with. To me, these are the two epitomes of their type. The Phantom is just a smooth, light, comfortable, efficient and deadly accurate marker. My current one (black & yellow acid) is beautiful as well. The Blazer (when the stab doesn't start creeping on me) is a workhorse, but certainly a textbook case of function over fashion.
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classic right feed mag...most expensive paperweight i ever bought...piece of poo in a steel shell
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Stock Class Sauté
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Bought a WGP Commando in 1988 to replace my Nightmare Short Barrel (SC). I think that it ran me the bargain price of $300.

My Commando had such "high-end" features as:

-Removable barrel for easy cleaning
-Direct feed with a PVC Weinie Hopper
-"California style" constant air with a huge 10 oz. tank
-Delrin pump

Great gun that I still own and occasionally use.

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Mr. Republican
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Ebladed Autococker.
Buy from me, I ship before anyone else!
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Depends...My Smarts Parts Ion which I bought when they literally first came out (was on the waiting list) was my first fully EP marker. In my book thats the major line for "high end". But calling an ion high end just does not ring true.

Next came my Stock vison Impulse that was sent to me broken. I was too young and silly to realize it came broken and I had not broken it. I regret not neg. Feedbacking that kid and tryna get my $$ back, but ya live and learn. Custar, who I was speaking to on PBN currently has that Impy, and it's still not working haha, so it doesn't count as my first high end I guess.

In that case, My Evil Pimp. Got it in 05 or early 06 from Epolice on PBR. It is fully Upgraded (like crazy Upgraded honestly) and shoots like a friggen dream. I still have it, even though the ion, impulse and PM5,6,7,8 are all gone now.

The Impulse was traded for a Classic Mag about the same time as I got the PIMP. So either of those could be considered my first high end, and I still own both. I told my Proto Matrix's (5 of em), traded my ion for a Pipe kit (A/C threaded, trade in progress). But the Pimp and my mag live on, and always will. Pimps out for tuning right now
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Post Whore
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I take it that high end is tourney guns. I had bought a hammer pump as my first marker in 91'. But as far as high end it would have to be a mini-mag purchased from skanline in 92-93. I Upgraded it with valve spacers, armson barrel and had a friend mill out the valve for high flow. It used a 12oz with anti siphon tube and SP remote line. I had an autococker before that but stock auto cockers were not very reliable at the time so I wouldn't count it as high end.
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Ole' Papa Pump
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When you say "First" high end marker I'd say that's relevant to the time period. With that being said, my "first" high end marker came circa 1989, a Nelspot 007, but the first high end marker I think is my Sterling Pump. I picked that up around 1995-1996 and at that time I was running with a stock Autococker and the pump was just my back-up gun. A pump as your first high end gun WTF so I guess you could say my "REAL" First High End marker was purchased circa 1998-1999 when I bought my Bob Long Defiant (whenever they first came out), my first electro marker. I went through a divorce in the early 2000's and sold the gun for next to nothing. I do still have my Sterling and it's my go-to-gun so that's why I think that's my first high end marker.
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Post Whore
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Maybe 68-Special?

That was the first gun that I decided to spend top dollar on whatever was the best gun money could buy.

And briefly that was the 68-Special.

"the evidence strongly suggests that neither Billy nor Adam (Smart Parts) could have invented the electronic paintgun" -Garr M. King, U.S. Judge
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